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Fixed Credit

A solution based credit facility where the customer can have availed to meet deferent daily lifestyle expenses, like rent deposit, relocation cost, etc. Credit facility starts from 10,000 to 96,000, borrowers have the flexibility of re-paying within specific time period opted during creation of Fixed Credit account in

Flexible Credit

A kind of cash credit which offered by FreEMI limited to your very crucial requirement. These are cash credit facilities can be availed on amount starting from 10,000 to 96,000 We offer flexible payment periods that varied from a few months up to a year, even you can pay in weeks.

No Cost EMI

With 'No Cost EMI' we enabling these credit facilities to the people who really need it. We are ready to hear from these people and serve with logical inputs. Credit facilities start from 10,000 to 36,000, repay in months by linking bank accounts with us generally we chose the best possible time by checking bank account ledger balance using our algorithm and debit the amount.

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It's your right to choose a credit with affordability, it should not be, Credit by Chance?. FreEMI is a product which deliver the suitability which fits into your requirement.

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Our cutting edge technology makes possibilities into reality. Time has come to say "NO" to unsafe Funds, when FreEMI is available easily.


Are you seeking creditworthiness? 1/5 th of India has a credit score below 750 as you are and we understand you better.... Lets start with FreEMI: "Believe it Or Not" an interest free credit can be available in FreEMI.