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Terms and Conditions for Online Investment in Mutual Funds

These terms and conditions for online investing in Mutual Funds and the terms and conditions has been accepted by me/us with By clicking on the “I/We agree” button, I/We agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions. I/We further agree that may at its sole discretion vary the terms and conditions from time to time and I/We agree to abide by the same.

  1. Definitions

    Words which are used but in case not defined in these Terms and Conditions shall have the same explanation as set out in the terms and conditions that has been accepted by me/us with

    “Unit” shall mean the interest or the ectent of ownership of an investor in a mutual fund, which consists of one undivided share in the Net Assets of the Mutual Fund Scheme.

    “NAV or Net Asset Value” of the Units of the Mutual Fund Scheme will be evaluated by dividing the Scheme’s net assets by the number of Units outstanding on the date of valuation.

    “Business Day” means a day on which the banks are usually open for business excluding: i) Saturday and Sunday; ii) Bank Holiday. Given that, with respect to a particular Scheme this definition shall at all times be subjective to the definition of Business Day in the Offer Document of the corresponding schemes of different AMCs.

    “Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)” shall mean an option that is available to the investor for investing in a specified scheme of t Mutual Fund for a particular investment amount at a specified frequency of months

    “Load” shall mean an expense, which the Asset Management Company (AMC) may charge on entry and/or exit from a mutual fund scheme.

    “Purchase” shall mean subscription to the units of the different schemes of the Mutual Fund.

    “Switch” shall mean an option to the investor to swap his existing investment from any of the Mutual fund schemes to other Mutual Fund schemes.

    “Redemption” shall mean sale of the units of the different schemes of the Mutual Fund

    BSE Star :The MF platform provided by BSE for order placement

  2. Authorisation

    I / We hereby appoint and completely authorize, its authorized employees/agents as my/our agent/distributor to work on my/our instructions that is provided electronically through the Internet portal of to purchase and/or switch units and/or redeem units of mutual funds (“Transaction Instructions”) on the terms and conditions mentioned herein. I/We hereby state that all the deeds, acts and things done by me/us shall be binding on me/us.

  3. I / We agree and acknowledge to submit a completed Application Form and/or electronic consent in the prescribed format to with the intent of registration and after that placing any order on BSE StAR MF platform with

  4. In addition, I / We acknowledge, understand and confirm that this offer for redemption / subscription of transactions on the Mutual Fund platform is applicable only for Resident Individuals and other Non individuals and the same is currently not applicable and/or being offered for NRI set of entities. In case there is any change in my/our residential status I/we hereby represent, undertake and warrant to intimate on the same and shall be abide by any instructions or directions in this respect to be provided by

  5. For the objective of availing the BSE StAR MF facility, I/we hereby authorize to check on the record the KYC or Know Your Client details as is submitted by me/us at the time of account opening FORM to and I/we further undertake, confirm and warrant that the details that are contained in same are correct, true, complete and updated in all respects. I/We further agree that any suppression of any material fact and any misleading/false information provided by me/us will render my/our accounts or and/or the services being provided to me/us liable for termination. I/We hereby indemnify and keep indemnified against all liabilities, losses, claims (including third party claims), suits, actions, proceedings, damages that may incur as a result of my/our providing of any incomplete/incorrect KYC details.

  6. I / We represent and warrant that I/We are content of the capacity of and/or the Participant/MFI to deal in Mutual Fund units and execute my/our instruction through the Participant/MFI from time to time.

  7. I / We shall notify the Participant/MFI and/or in writing in case there is any change in the information in the client registration form provided to the Participant/MFI and/or at the time registering as a client for participating in the BSE StAR MF platform or at any point of time thereafter.

  8. I / We are willing to abide by the terms and conditions which is mentioned in any circular by BSE and as may be stated by the Exchange from time to time in this respect. I/We shall make sure also compliance with the requirements as may be stated from time to time by SEBI or Securities and Exchange Board of India, Stock Exchange BSE & Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) etc.

  9. I / We shall read and understand the contents of the Offer document/ Key Information Memorandum/ Scheme Information Document, addenda issued with regard to each Mutual Fund Schemes with respect to which I/we choose to redeem / subscribe. I/We further agree to abide by the rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the Mutual Fund Schemes.

  10. I / We will furnish information to in writing, if any insolvency petition or winding up petition has been filed or decree or award is passed against or any insolvency order or winding up or if any litigation which might have material bearing on our existing Member client relationship.

  11. I / We shall pay to fees and statutory levies as are prevailing from time to time and as they apply to the Client’s account, to the services and transactions that renders to the Client.

  12. I / We agree and acknowledge that

    1. I / We are responsible to ensure that the details like my/our personal and bank related details which are provided for giving Transactions Instructions are correct. This Service shall be linked to the Account.
    2. Redemption requests for all the Open Ended Schemes can be made at any point of time. But, Redemption requests for Closed Ended Scheme will be made only on certain dates that are specified by the AMC’s
    3. I / We understand and agree that once the Transaction instruction placed through this mode cannot be cancelled.
    4. The Transaction Instructions shall be processed according to the availability of adequate and clear funds in my/our Account.
    5. Any Transaction Instruction that is placed after the cut off time or on a non-Business Day will be processed on the next Business Day and the NAV would be applicable on the day on which it is processed. is not liable for any losses, liabilities which incurs due to non-execution and non-allotment of units and NAV on transaction initiated. I/We hereby indemnify and keep indemnified against all liabilities, losses, claims including third party claims, actions, suits, damages, processing that may incur as a result of my/our providings of any kind of incorrect or incomplete KYC details.
    6. I / We understand that, may not carry out my/our Transaction Instructions in case has reasons to believe that the Transaction Instructions are otherwise improper and/or not genuine and/or raise a doubt and/or unclear and/or for any reason is beyond the control of I/We further understand that the decision taken by in this aspect will be final and binding.
  13. I / We am/are aware that the Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk, which includes possible loss of principal amount invested. I/We hereby confirm and accept that I/We will go for the investments only after understanding the related risks. I/We further confirm that I/We shall advised by my/our independent tax advisor and is not providing any kind of Tax Advisory and shall not hold accountable for any kind of losses which occurs to me/us on account of the same.

  14. I / We have read and understood the cut-off timings for placing a normal order / L0 / L1 orders, and agree to the same.

  15. I / We hereby understand that the Mutual Fund schemes that are offered online by have not been recommended by nor sponsored by or its sponsors or its affiliates.

  16. I / We hereby agree and acknowledge that shall provide this service based on best effort. Neither nor any of its affiliates shall be hold responsible for any other costs or damage or any failure to perform its obligations, that is arising in any way out of:

    1. System failure which includes failure of ancillary or associated systems, or other environmental conditions, or power fluctuation, or for any situations of acts of God, epidemics quarantine, riot, floods or civil commotion and war or any reasons that are beyond the reasonable control of; or
    2. Any mistake in any attachments or related equipment of the clients; or
    3. Transportation, Accident, misuse, errors, neglect, frauds, of the agents or clients or any third party;
    4. Any incidental specific or consequential damages which includes without any limitation of loss of profit. The role of is only to facilitate the Transactions Instructions. However, shall not be liable /responsible for any kind of damages/losses/costs incurred by us for reasons not falling within the aforesaid role of
  17. Neither nor any of the Mutual Funds shall be hold responsible for any kind of failure to perform its obligations, to the extent that such performance has been hindered, delayed, network errors, or prevented by systems failures, delay or loss of data due to the above and in situations of acts of God, quarantine, floods, riot, epidemics, or civil commotion and war.

  18. I/We hereby confirm, represent and warrant that has disclosed to me/us all the commissions (in the form of trail commission or any other mode), payable to for the various competing Schemes of different Mutual Funds out of which the Scheme which is subscribed by me and the same has been presented by on its website. According to Statutory body or Regulatory Circular, the indicative rate of commission that is earned by from different fund-houses, whose products are being distributed as displayed on website –

    Fund Schemes Trail year 1 Trail year 2 onwards
    ELSS 0% to 0.75% 0% to 0.75%
    Index 0% to 0.75% 0% – 0.75%
    Equity and Balanced 0% to 1% 0% to 1%
    Asset Allocation 0% – 1% 0% – 1%
    Income 0% – 1% 0% – 1%
    Arbitrage Funds 0% – 1% 0% – 0.5%
    Short Term 0%-0.50% 0%-0.50%
    Monthly Income Plans 0% to 1% 0%-0.5%
    Gilt 0% to 1% 0%-0.5%
    Liquid & Floating Rate 0%-0.50% 0%-0.50%

    I / We understand that could also receive reimbursements towards investor awareness program, marketing and promotion related activities that are conducted by on behalf of AMCs. These reimbursements are particularly event based and the same might or might not be received from AMCs in a particular period of time. However such activities may be carried out at the AMC level, the amount of reimbursement received cannot be attributed to any particular Scheme being offered by such AMC.

    I / We understand that the above mentioned Schedule of Commissions is subject to change, without any kind of prior consent and at a sole discretion and agreement between and the respective Mutual Fund Houses.

    This has reference to SEBI circular CIR/IMD/DF/13/2011 dated August 22, 2011 and CIR/IMD/DF/21/2012 dated September 13, 2012. As per this circular, adding to the existing up-front commission payable to the distributor, the distributor would be permitted to charge the Investor a Transaction Charge (@ Rs150 for New Investor and @Rs100 for an existing Investor) where the investment amount is Rs. 10,000 and above on a per subscription basis.

    The Transaction Charges will be subtratcted by the AMC from the amount remitted and paid to the Distributor. The amount remaining as balance will be invested in the scheme. Accordingly, the transaction charges would be subtracted from the subscription amounts, as applicable.

    We wish to be paid transaction charge for investment routed under our ARN 141396 for the following product type where we have selected to “Opt in”

    Products where “Opt-In” selected are- Debt Schemes, ELSS, Gilt Schemes, Balanced schemes, Infrastructure Debt Schemes, Other Equity schemes, Other ETF, Gold ETF, Fund of Funds- domestic, Fund of Funds investing overseas.

    Products where “Opt-out” selected are- Liquid money market schemes.

  19. I / We understand that the Terms and Conditions that is set hereinabove may be modified or changed by without any kind of prior notice to the client and if the client continue the usage of the services then it shall be deemed as an acceptance of the modified terms.
  20. I / We have thoroughly gone through the key information memorandum / offer document before taking the decision to make this investment in the mutual fund scheme
  21. The client and the sub broker shall refer any kind of claims and/or disputes with respect to settlement, order execution, etc., to arbitration as per the Byelaws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchanges where the transaction is executed and circulars/notices issued thereunder as may be in force from time to time.
  22. I / We understand and acknowledge that may, at its absolute discretion, suspend, alter or terminate any of the services partially or completely without any notice to me/us and without assigning any kind of reasons thereof and the same shall be unconditionally and irrevocably final and binding on me/us
  23. I / We are aware that never asks for any kind of sensitive information like passwords, ID etc. I/We agree that will not be made liable or responsible for any such cyber frauds or any phishing attack.
  24. Further these terms and conditions are subject to and shall be conducted accordingly with the laws that are prevalent in India.
  25. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.