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Capital First Personal Loan

Capital First is one of the leading NBFC in India. Capital First Ltd provides debt for financing small entrepreneurs, MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises). Capital First was founded by Mr. V. Vaidyanathan on 2012. The AUM of this company is ₹269.97 billion. Capital First Bank and Capital First Ltd. merged in December 2018 and created a combined loan asset book of ₹1.03lakh crore for the merged entity. This merged entity is called Capital First First Bank.

Capital First Ltd. is listed on NSE and BSE. The market cap of the Capital first has grown 7.81 billion (31st March 2012) to 60.96 billion (31st March 2018) in the last six years. Capital First has 222 branches all over in India. In January 2008 Capital First was listed on Indian Stock Exchanges as Future Capital Holdings. Capital First has launched a number of diverse business including financial real estate developers, private equity, asset management, corporate credit, foreign exchange business (Through joint venture arrangement), Retail broking business (Through joint venture arrangement), Mall Management Business, Wealth Management, and Property Service.

Capital First Personal Loan Interest Rates 2019

Interest Rate 12%*
Processing Fees Up to 1.5%
Loan Tenure 12 months to 60 months
Pre Closure Charges 5% of outstanding Principal
Loan Amount Up to 25lakhs

*Interest rates change time to time.

Features of Capital First Personal Loan

Personal Loan gives you wings to fly. You can use a personal loan to fulfill your dream. You don’t need any guarantor or don’t have to mortgage anything to take a personal loan. It is an easy process. You also can apply online to get Capital First Personal loan which is also Hasselt free. Capital First always try to assure that you are getting the maximum amount of personal loan. The most important thing about a personal loan is your CIBIL Score which is most important. Your CIBIL Score must be 650-850 to get the personal loan.

  • Lowest Interest Rate

    Interest rate is one of the most important things in personal loan. It depends on many things, the amount you earn, your CIBIL Score etc. If your CIBIL score is high your interest rate will be low. Most of the time your interest rate depends on the repayment ability of yours. Capital First offers interest rate 12%* which is very low compared to other NBFCs. Capital First has fixed interest rate so your interest rate will be the same from the first it won’t change on every month.

  • No Documentation

    You don’t have to submit any documents for your personal loan. The documentation is very minimal. The most amazing thing is you can apply online from your home directly.

  • Hassle Free Application

    You can easily apply to Capital First for a personal loan. You also can apply online with minimum documents and they don’t even require any guarantor to approve your loan.

  • Get Your loan in 24 hour

    Capital First Ltd. approves your loan in 24 hours if all your documents are correct. When all the other companies take 3-7 days to disburse your loan capital do it just in 24 hours which is amazing. You also can apply online from your home.

  • Processing Fees

    The processing fees are very loan in Capital First LTD. When other NBFCs take 2% to 5% for processing fees. Capital First only takes 1.5% for processing Fees.

  • Tenure of Loan

    Tenure of your loan matters most in your loan. You can avail 1 to 5 years of tenure to repay your loan. Your interest rate also depends on loan tenure. If you take a loan for small tenure your interest rate will be low and if you take a loan for longer tenure your interest rate will be high.

  • Foreclosure Charges

    The foreclosure charge or pre-closure charges of Capital First Personal Loan are 5%. If you completed your personal loan before the tenure you have to give an extra charge of 5% of outstanding principal.

  • Say goodbye to the guarantor

    There are so many loan providers who want guarantor before giving you the loan but Capital First doesn’t need any guarantor to approve your loan.

  • Check Your Eligibility Online

    If you want to take a personal loan and want to check your eligibility; you can check it online on our site.

Capital First Personal Loan Processing Fees & Other Charges

Late Payment Charges 2% of unpaid EMI or Rs. 300 per month.
Bounce of EMI Rs. 400/month
Duplicate NOC RS.500
Rebooking & Cancellation Rs.1000 or 5% of Principal
Document Retrieval Rs.500
Stamping Charges As per actual
Processing Fees 1000 – 1.5%
Cheque Swap Rs.500 Per instance
Pre-Closure Charge 5% of outstanding Principal
Statement of Account Rs.500
EMI collection charge Rs.350
Schedule of repayment Rs.500

Why choose Capital First Personal Loan?

There are so many banks and NBFCs who are giving personal loans. So if you can ask why you should choose Capital First. By taking a personal loan from Capital First you can fulfill all your wishes. You also can apply this loan online which is the easiest process. Capital First gives you the loan with the lowest interest rate. You also can pay your EMI online. Capital First does not need any guarantor to give you a personal loan even the documentation is very minimum. The processing fees, pre-closure charges are very low for capital first personal loan.

You can take capital first personal loan to buy your dream home or renovate your present home, for your most desirable destination wedding, for your child’s higher study, the requirement of your business capital, purchasing assets or vehicles and the last but not least for a medical emergency and the lists go on.

There are so many reasons to avail loan online from Capital First

  • Fast approval
  • So many offers.
  • Sanction rate is high.
  • Amazing interest rate.
  • EMI’s are so affordable.
  • Flexible repayment mode.
  • Repayment tenure as you want.
  • Apply with minimum documents.
  • Get access to your custom portal
  • Apply online for hassle free service.
  • There is no restriction of spending your loan money.

Capital First Personal Loan EMI Calculator

As you can apply for your personal loan online you also can calculate your Personal Loan EMI online by Capital First Personal Loan EMI Calculator. Capital First has an easy to use EMI Calculator tool which helps you to calculate your personal loan EMI. You have to choose your loan amount, the tenure of your loan, processing fees, and the interest rate. EMI Calculator tool is super easy to use. EMI Calculator Tool will tell you how much you owe to the lender even before you take a loan. Future finance is super-easy and amazing.

Benefits of Capital First Personal Loan

  • Fast processes
  • Apply loan online
  • One day approval.
  • Fast loan disbursal
  • Lowest interest rate.
  • Service at your doorstep.
  • Apply online for fast approval.
  • Pre-closure option is available.
  • Interest rate is calculated by monthly basis.
  • Get attractive premium for your personal loan insurance.
  • The documentation for Capital First Personal Loan is so minimal.
  • Get Customized offers (corporate employees, women professionals)

Capital First Personal Loan Types

There are three types of personal loans offered by Capital First Personal Loan. Capital First are very conscious about their clients. To help their clients to fulfill their every dream they offer three types of personal loans they are-

  • Pre-Owned Car Loan
  • Two Wheeler Loan
  • Consumer Durable Loan
  • Pre-Owned Car Loan

    The first car is always special in every people’s life. By understanding this factor Capital First expends loans up to 200% of vehicle’s value for up to 84 months of tenure for buying a used car.

  • Two Wheeler Loan

    Capital First offers the buyer of two-wheelers flexible and affordable credit. You can rise up to 95% of that two-wheelers value as a loan for up to 5 years.

  • Consumer Durable Loan

    The Capital First Consumer Durable Loan is one of the personal loans which helps individuals to finance the purchase consumer durables.

  • You can use this loan to buy consumer durables like an air conditioner (ac), laptop, computer, refrigerator, LED or LCD TV etc.
  • The down payment for availing this loan is very loan and this loan comes at 0% interest rate.
  • The maximum repayment tenure for this loan is 36 months.
  • You can avail this loan with minimal documents.
  • People in between age group of 21 to 65 years can have this loan.
  • You only have to submit your income proof. Address proof and identity proof to avail this loan.

Capital First Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum age of 21 years and maximum of 60 years.
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience if self-employed minimum 2 years of business experience.
  • Minimum income 25,000
  • Minimum CIBIL score 650
  • The applicant should have an account in this bank.
  • Co-applicant should be applicable in case of HL/LAP

Capital First Personal Loan eligibility is summarized in the tabular format.

Eligibility Criteria Salaried
Profession Working in government or private sector or MNCs.
Working Experience 1 year at the same firm he/she is working.
Age 23-60
Minimum Income Rs.20,000/month
Maximum Eligible Loan 15x of monthly income.
Maximum Loan Amount Rs.25 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria Self- Employed
Age 23-58
Business Tenure At least 3 years
Minimum Income 60,000/month
Maximum Loan Amount Rs.25 lakhs

Documents required for Capital First Personal loan


  • Pan Card
  • Voter’s ID
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photo


  • Salaried: Last 3 years of PAYSLIPS, 6 months’ salary account bank statement.
  • Installments applicant is currently paying, all the numbers of credit cards and credit limit applicant has.
  • Self – employed: IT files for last 2 years, Financial Documents, last 6 months primary account statement of the company.


  • Salaried: Form 16 or appointment letter of 2 years earlier.
  • Self Employed: Tax registration certificate of dated 2 years or an earlier period.

Points you should remember before taking Personal Loan

  • Personal Loans are a type of installment loan. Which means applicator will borrow a fixed amount of loan from the bank or NBFC. The borrower has to pay back to the bank or NBFC by installments in 12 to 60 months with interest. Once you have paid the loan your loan account gets closed.
  • If you need 3Lakhs then just borrow 3Lakhs from bank or NBFC don’t borrow excessive money only because you have eligibility. You will receive cold calls, e-mails or messages from bank or NBFC but don’t fall for it.
  • Banks and other financial institutions who give the personal loan always checks the CIBIL Score before giving you personal Loan. So you have to maintain the score. you have to pay your EMIs on time. Because if you have high CIBIL Score your interest rate will be low.
  • Personal Loans are more difficult to get because it is an unsecured loan so bank or NBFCs can’t take any of your property if you can’t repay the loan and interest rate is higher than any other loan.
  • Personal Loans have a fixed interest rate. It doesn’t change by time if you got a loan on 15%* interest rate it would be the same till the last date of your repayment.
  • Penalty Charges are heavy on personal loans if you missed an EMI that Bank or NBFC have right to charge you. And it also affects your CIBIL Score. So pay your loan on time.


The EMI amount depends on your interest rate, loan amount and loan tenure. Capital First offers personal loan on 14.00%* interest rate. So the minimum amount is 2,327 on per lakh personal loan.
Capital offers prepayment after six months. The prepayment charge is 5% of the existing principal.
The processing fees of Capital First personal Loan is 1.50%
Yes, you can apply for the capital first personal loan online.
No, you can’t apply to Capital First if you have a bad credit score. Your credit score must be 700 or above to avail the personal loan.
You can repay the loan by equal monthly installments over the chosen tenure
The tenure of Capital First Personal Loan is twelve months to sixty months.
You can apply up to 25lakh on Capital First Personal Loan.

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*Interest rate and Loan approval are subjected to bank discretion and approval.