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HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provided by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between the leading housing firm in India- HDFC Ltd and ERGO International AG, a Germany based company that is a vital part of Munich Re Group. HDFC Ltd. holds 74% share and ERGO International holds 49% share in the the company. Some of the retail products of general insurance are- Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, Personal Accident. The company operates in 101 cities with 117 branches and 2000 staff members. It is the third largest general insurance company in the private sector. The firm has acquired a Net Written Premium (NWP) of ₹999.1 crores and Gross Written Premium (GWP) of ₹2,252.4 crores. The market share of the company went up from 4.9% to 4%. The firm is a public company and is classified as Indian non-government Company. It is ISO certified since 2010. The company announced the buyout of the L&T General Insurance for around ₹551 crore and completed the merger on 23rd August 2017.

Features of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

In today’s world, owing a car is a bare necessity rather than luxury . Buying your car is a long-term investment, as we all know. So, its a wise decision to go for a smart car insurance provider which will cover all risks that your car may be subjected to. HDFC ERGO Car Insurance cater to the needs and preferences of its customer constantly. It follows the mantra of “SEED”. S stands for Sensitivity- the company is sensitive and empathetic towards the needs of both internal and external customers. E stands for Excellence- it aims to bring new innovative products for its valued customers. E stands for Ethics- it fulfills the customer’s requirement and maintains transparency. D stands for Dynamism- it tries to meet all the requirements of its customer.


Here are some of the features of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance-

  • Discounts- HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides a lot of added benefits and discounts on the insurance policy.

  • Different Plans- Customers provided with a number of plans according to their requirements.

  • Updates and tracking- After you apply for the car insurance policy or its renewal, you will be updated about the status via SMS. You can also track online your insurance policy status.

  • Online Transaction- HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides you with the facility of online car insurance, making it an easy and hassle free process.

  • Customer Support- 24*7 customer support is available to help its valued customers.

  • Additional discount- If the policy holder is above the age of 35 years, he/.she enjoys an additional benefit.


HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Coverages

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides private car insurance facility. It offers coverages- Own Damage Car Insurance, Third party liability insurance. It also offers Personal Accident cover where the poicy is of long-term period of 3 years.


Own Damage Car Insurance- HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides coverage to the car in accordanec to the following events-

  • Burglary, strike, riot, malicious act, theft,

  • Fire, self-ignition or lightning, explosion,

  • Terrorist activity or accident by external means,

  • Earthquake, landslide, storm, rockslide, flood,

  • Any damage in transit by road, inland waterway, rail, lift, elevator or air

Third Party Liability- HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides this policy which is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Under this policy, the policy holder is protected from any legal liability caused due to accidental damages which results in any kind of permanent injury or death of any third party, or any damage caused to the surrounding property.


Personal Accident Cover- This policy protects the policy holder against any permanent total disability and accidental death. The owner-driver gets a coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs while travelling, dismounting or mounting from the car. This policy with optional benefit offers coverage for co-passengers upto the car’s seating capacity. This optional benefit can availed if you pay the premium of 100/person with a sum insured of 2 Lakhs for each. The legal liability cover of paid driver is availed at a premium of Rs. 50.

Add on Covers of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides comprehensive variety of add-on covers to enhance your car insurance protection reduce your expenses.

Following are the add-on covers of HDFC ERGP Car Insurance-





Zero depriciation cover

  • This add-on cover helps to combat the depriciating value of the car and the policy holder can avail the full claim amount of the car.

  • This coverage excludes the cost of replacement or repair of batteries or tyre.

  • All the car parts which are excluded under the India Motor Tariff policy.

No Claim Bonus

  • The policy holder is eligible for this bonus, even if the claim is registered during the policy year.

  • No claim bonus increases with every year raising from 20% for the first no-claim year up to 50% for the 5th year.

  • This add-on cover can be availed even after 3 claims are made if damage has been caused due to- windshield glass damages, loss to parked vehicle due to earthquake, flood, AOG perils and loss to parked vehicle by external means.

Down time protection/ Loss of Use


  • With th help of this add-on cover, the insurance company provides coverage for alternate means of transport if the vehicle is parked in a garage for an extended time period (more than 24 hours).

  • This aded on cover also includes coverage when your car is lost or needs repairing.

  • HDFC ERGO Car insurance provides Rs. 500 per day for private cars (in case of partial loss for 5 days and 15 days for total loss/theft).

  • This benefit available only once for total loss/theft and upto 3 times for partial loss claim.


Cost of Consumables

  • As per the policy statement, this add-on policy covers the expenses caused due to- accident or any loss on the consumable items of the car.

  • The consumable item includes- nuts and bolts, washers, screws, lubricants, AC gas, grease, distilled water, clips, bearings, engine oil, fuel filter, oil filter, and break oil.

  • This add-on is available only if the consumables are replaced or damaged due to- Fire, explosion, burglary, theft etc.

Engine and Gear Box cover

  • This add-on covers the expenses of cost of replacement or repair of internal parts of the gearbox or engine.

  • The damages may be caused due to- water ingression, leakages of lubricationg oil.

  • This benefit is available only if the damage is caused due to- landslide, flood, storm etc.

Emergency Assistance Cover

  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance provides emergency assistance which includes- on site minor repair, duplicate key, locked/lost keys, fuel delivery, battery jump start, tyre change, emptying of the fuel type, towing and removal of the covered vehicle



HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Plans

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance is a comprehensive car insurance product. HDFC ERGO offers a number of add-ons which might not be included in the main policy. Some of them are-


  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Silver plan

  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Gold plan

  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Platinum plan

  • HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Titanium plan



Silver Plan Cover

Gold Plan Cover

Platinum Plan Cover

Titanium Plan Cover

No claim bonus protection





Zero Depreciation





Engine and Gear Box





Loss of Use/Down Time Protection





Cost of Consumables






What is IDV and its importance?

IDV is the abbreviated form of Insured Declared Value. IDV is the maximum amount of sum assured fixed by the insurance company. It is the present market value of the vehicle.

  • If the repair cost or total retrieval cost exceeds 75% of the car IDV then the insured car will be treated as a constructive total loss claim.

  • IDV for the cars more than 5 years old or obsolete models will be determined based on certain understanding between the insurance company and policy holder.

  • IDV will be determined based on the listing price of the manufacturer’s model, brand, and depreciation.

  • IDV will be determined as per the market value through the policy period without depreciation for total loss or constructive total loss claims.

Steps To Apply Online for HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

Buying online HDFC ERGO Car Insurance is an easy and time-saving process.

  • You need to first log in to their website.

  • You need to fill the online form to get a rough idea of the premium payable for the choosen insurance policy.

  • You then fill in your personal details.

  • With the given quote, you then initiate the payment process online and within minutes you will receive your car insurance policy.

  • Lastly, you can download the policy documents.

Benefits of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

  • The insurance coverage depends on the Insured Declared Value or IDV.

  • Easy paperwork for claim settlement

  • The facility of spot survey is available.

  • Personal accident coverage is available for the owner or the driver.

  • Application process is hassle free.

  • The online insurance process is very secure.

Online HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Renewal

Following is the steps to follow HDFC ERGO Car Insurance online renewal-

  • Firstly, you visit HDFC ERGO website and click on ‘Instant Renewal’ to initiate HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance policy renewal.

  • Then fill in the policy details to get the details on add-on covers.

  • You then enter the premium details to generate your premium renewal.

  • Lastly, you need to make your payments.

How to claim HDFC ERGO Car Insurance?

Here, is the step by step process to claim for HDFC ERGO Car Insurance-

  • At first, you need to call on the Toll-Free Helpline number of HDFC Ergo General Insurance.

  • After that, you take an appointment with the surveyor and take your car to any of the authorized network garages of HDFC Ergo General Insurance for repair or cashless service.

  • Now, you submit the required documents to the surveyor.

  • Then the insurance company confirms the liability.

  • You can opt for cashless garage facility, if possible. Then the insurance policy company will settle the repair bills directly with the garage up to the amount payable.

  • In case you don't opt for cashless facility, you need pay for the repair charges first. Then you submit the bills with claim form to the surveyor/insurance company for settlement.