Travel Registry

Are you someone who loves to travel? But do not plan your travel? Then obviously, you face a hell lot of problems to cope up with the travel expenses. If you want to travel to a particular place at a certain time, but is not planning for it, then you must do it now. If you plan it in advance, then your trip will be a stress buster and not a troublemaker. Whether you want to visit a local place or planning an international trip, plan it with Travel Registry to enjoy your travel to the fullest.

What is Travel Registry?

People travel not only to explore new places but to widen their horizon, some of you travel to get exposed to new culture and people. Also, many of you travel to escape from the daily routine or to come out of the comfort zone. No doubt, travel makes us happy and brings positivity within us.

But if you are going for a trip  depending on a credit card or personal loan. Then it’s time to think twice .Though personal loan or credit card can give you monetary relief at the beginning but the actual pain starts after that. When you start paying the EMIs which charges a rate of interest of 12-15% annually or credit card bills with 3-5% of interest rate monthly, then your monetary burden starts. Here, is your financial assistance to your travel plan. Travel Registry- a SIP based investment and expense management tool which manages your travel expenses.

But to transform the cost of your travel as your good expense you should always plan your travel to experience it to the fullest.

Plan for your Travel

Your travelling expense not only covers the transportation cost but also includes cost of hotel you will reside, local cuisines that you will try, buying gifts for family and friends and much more. Not many can afford these expenses without a help. So, a financial strategical plan helps in making your trip a life-time memorable experience.

Here, we have put forward some key points as to how you should plan your travel in advance.

Set the time for your travel

If you love to travel, then everything related to travelling excites you. Whether you are travelling in India or round the world, planning is essential in every single step. The planning includes the places you want to visit, your hotel stays, the clothes and accessories you would take, the medium of transport to travel and much more. But your planning should start from fixing a specific time for your trip which will help to ease up the planning.

Budget your Travel

Talking about budget- it sounds tough, but it’s not that tough. Firstly, you need to do some research about the cost of your flight or train, probable cost of food there, activity costs of the place and so-on. Once you have a clear idea on your expense, you can then set your budget accordingly. You should stop spending on unnecessary things, so that you can stick to your budget for your travel. Plan your spending with Travel Registry so that you can easily contribute to the budget without hampering your daily expenses.

Plan your trip with Travel Registry

Saving money from your regular expenses helps in meeting your target financial goal, which is travel (here). But only saving is not enough to fund your trip. The money which is saved gets affected by the inflation rate and the value of money gets depreciated. So, here’s a better way to save your money without depreciating its value- Travel Registry.

Travel Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool which guides you with your investment plan for your travel.

If you want to have a memorable trip without thinking twice for your expenses, then you should definitely invest in a suitable mutual fund schemes with SIP. With the help of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), a fixed amount of money will be auto-debited from your account at regular intervals. When you redeem your money at the time of your trip, you will see that you have more than the required money to fund your travel. The return which you will receive will be based on the current market value.

So, plan your travel with our Travel Registry.

Why Travel Registry is perfect for you?

If you plan your trip in advance with Travel Registry and invest in mutual fund through SIP, then you will earn interest on your invested money.

Now, let us see as why Travel Registry is perfect for you.
  • With Travel Registry, you can manage your expense by investing a small part of your income in suitable mutual fund scheme at regular intervals. So, it does not burn your pocket. You don’t have to let go a huge amount of money at one go to finance your trip.
  • Travel Registry not only makes your travel more exciting, similarly, it inhibits a financial discipline within you (i.e., the investor). You develop a habit of financial planning along with regular investment which keeps a check on your extravagant spending.
  • Your investment through SIP takes into account the market volatility to earn a better return.
  • If you are planning your trip and want to invest, then Travel Registry is the best and safest option for you.

How Travel Registry assist you in your travel plan?

Now it’s time to plan your trip. With FreEMI, you don’t have to take the headache for your travel plan. Our Travel Registry is a one of kind automated platforms which executes your travel plan with best investment plans and makes your trip, an enjoyable experience. Log in to FreEMI Registry and we will help you to plan your investment. Travel Registry plan would act as a hassle-free plan for your memorable trip.