Income Tax Calculator

Planing for Tax Savings, is always last minute task. It’s really a stress full and boring. Lets make it a fun while planing a ” Tax Savings Registry”. No need to consult with a tax expert or tax consultant while creating a “Tax Savings Registry” it’s fully loaded with inbuilt intelligence to calculate tax on income and actually how much you need to invest in which tax saving product as well. Sound interesting ???

Basic Details

a. Income from Self-occupied Property
b. Income from Let-out Property
Less: Deductions from Net Annual Value
Tax benefit u/s 80c
Diversify investment to reduce taxable income by ₹1,50,000
Total Investment: ₹
Tax benefit u/s 80D
Additional tax benefit upto ₹60,000
Tax benefit u/s 80CCD (1B)
Additional tax benefit upto ₹50,000

Taxable Income ₹ 0

Calculated Tax ₹ 0

Tax Relief u/s 87A ₹ 0

Cess ₹ 0

Surcharge ₹ 0

Total tax payable ₹ 0

You can bring down tax to

Save Tax

You can bring down tax to

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