ELSS Mutual Funds

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*All returns changes time to time.

FAQ's of ELSS Mutual funds

Equity linked savings schemes called ELSS in short. This type of fund is unique to save tax by investing in equity mutual fund offered by deferrant asset management company
Performance depends on the portfolio of the perticuler ELSS schemes & the fund manager credentials. Time to time performance deffer scheme to scheme.
To find the best in time ELSS fund you need to follow our ELSS page to invest online.
It's not redeemable in between tharty six months from the date of investment, you can redeem by loging in to FreEMI account.
ELSS is taxable at the rate of 10% excluding indexation,from 1 April 2018, if the LTCG or long-term capital gains exceeding Rs 1 lakh a year. 10% tax cut on the gains you realished.
No, You cant break it before 36 months from the date of investment.
Log-on to FreEMI, create an mutual account and you are ready to buy and sell elss fund. You can withdrew elss fund partially after thrty six months tunure.
Verify performance and fund manager credentiual and chose right ELSS fund to invest. Check our recommendation will help you to chose best ELSS fund to invest online.