Bill Payments Registry

Payment of utility bills are a routine monthly expenditure for all of us. We all have to pay our utility bills start of every month. Electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, telephone bill are the mandatory bills that we have to pay every month. Let FreEMI plan your regular bill payments with comfortable SIP by investing in the best mutual funds. Utility bill payments will not be any financial concern for you from now on.

What is Bill Payment Registry?

With the start of every month there is always a huge tension that comes in our head, which is bill payment. The main fact is that not every people don’t get their salary on the first day of month but we all have to pay those bills so used to rely on our credit card or pay it from our savings, which is not right. If you plan for your bills it will be lot more easy. Our Bill Payment Registry is a SIP based investment product which helps you to manage your bills.

What is Bill Payments Registry SIP?

Bill Payment Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool to guides you with your bill expenses.

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. SIP is type of investment method offered by asset management companies. SIP helps you to invest small amount of money periodically (weekly, quarterly, monthly) into selected mutual fund. Amfis Mutual Fund Sahi Hain made it more popular. Because it is pocket friendly. The minimum amount for SIP is 500/-; but it is advisable if you go for 1000/-for month. There is no lock in period in SIP. You can withdraw your money whenever you want. This can even work as an emergency fund. If you want a good return you should invest at least five years. You can withdraw your money whenever you want. This can even work as an emergency fund. If you want a good return you should invest at least five years.

But in our Bill Registry product you can also invest for one year it will help you to choose the perfect fund as your requirement.

Types of Bill Payment Registry SIP

Top up SIP

This type of SIP helps you to increase your investment periodically. You can inflate your SIP amount when your income will increase.

Perpetual SIP

SIP investments are for a fixed period 1,3 or 5 years. But if there is no end date it is called perpetual SIP. This kind of SIP helps you to invest in. You can stop it when you meet your financial goal.

Flexible SIP

This kind of SIP helps you to increase and decrease your SIP amount whenever you want. If you face any financial problem you can gap your one or two SIP amounts and also can give more amount when you get any bonus.

Invest with small amount

There are so many people out there who wait so long to invest. You don’t have to wait so long for investment, start with small amount you can increase the amount whenever you want. When you can start with only 500/- why you have to wait that long.

Stop paying your bills from your savings

You don’t have to pay your bills from your credit card or savings. You save for your future then why are you spending it for these bills? FreEMI is here to help you. Let’s start a SIP and get relief from those bills.

If your total utility bill for a month is 3000, then you spend total 36,000 for your utility bill, so if you start a SIP of 3,000 per month for next year ,bill of your next year will be easy to paid and you will also get a handsome return on it.

Benefits of Bill Payments Registry SIP

  • Helps you to build your financial discipline.
  • Don’t give any pressure to your wallet; you just can start with 500.
  • You don’t need to worry about market timing.
  • Rupee cost averaging will help you to gain more units when market will go low.
  • As compared to RD gives you more interest.
  • Apart from helping to build your financial discipline it also helps you to save your tax. You can avail 80C tax benefit from it.
  • You can customize your SIP as you want.
  • Power of compounding will help you. For example if you invest 500/- and you gained interest 10/- on it the next time your invested money will be 510/- which is called power of compounding. You will get more interest.
  • As there is no lock in period it can works like an emergency fund you can withdraw your money whenever you want.
  • The most interesting thing about SIP is there is no lock in period in it you can stop it anytime. But for good return you should invest at least for five years.
  • If you invest in debt fund or large cap fund the risk will be also moderate.
  • No extra fees or charges.

How Bill Payments Registry helps you?

So, from the above discussion, now you can figure out as why you should invest in Mutual Fund SIP. Now let’s focus on how to plan and invest. Don’t worry FreEMI is here to help you in this case. Our Bill Registry is a one of a kind automated platform which executes all your utility bills and evaluates a probable SIP which will give you a handsome return against your invested money. Log into FreEMI Registry and we will help you to plan your investment Bill Registry will secure your life by taking care all of your utility bills.