Party Registry

Party seasons are coming; the huge expenses for it are also coming. Not everyone plan for their weekend parties, official and personal get together. We easily rely on our credit card or we take a loan to do all those, but it cost us extra.

FreEMI plans your party expenses with the help of easy SIP for best Mutual Fund investments.

What is Party Registry?

A nice family get together is always desirable for everyone, or if you recently joined your job and you have to throw a party for your friends but you don’t want to drain your savings and also don’t want to rely on your credit card our Party Registry product is best for you.

Party Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool which takes care of your party expenses.

So don’t get worried for your weekend party or throwing a nice party for your new job.

What is Party Registry SIP?

Party Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool which helps to manage your party expenses.It is a goal based investment which will help you to invest in suitable mutual fund for you.

SIP refers to Systematic Investment Plan which helps you to invest regularly a fixed amount to your chosen mutual fund scheme. SIP is the smartest way to invest in mutual fund. By nature SIPs are flexible investors can increase and decrease their SIP amount.

In SIP you can invest your money monthly, regularly, and weekly and quarterly. SIP helps their investor to buy equity or debt mutual fund regularly on a particular date of the month. Every month on a particular date the fixed amount for SIP will be auto debited from your bank account. The most amazing thing about this SIP is there are no hidden charges on it. You don’t have to pay any pre closure charges or processing fees. It is one of the hassles free investments in the market.

Amfi’s “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” campaign helps a lot to popularize SIP. There are so many people who don’t have simple concept about SIP; even those who already have invested in mutual fund don’t have any idea in SIP.

The most amazing thing about it is you can start to invest in it from 500/-. But it is advisable to start with 1000/-. This is so pocket friendly and the return is handsome.

Many investors think that SIP is a scheme or product in mutual fund. An SIP and a mutual fund scheme are not same. SIP is an investment method which helps you to invest in a mutual fund scheme (mostly in equity mutual fund schemes) regularly.

Benefits of Party Registry SIP

Pocket friendly

SIPs are pocket friendly then a lump sum. It is hard to invest 10,000 in one shot. But it is easy to invest every month 500 or above.

Lock in Period

When you are investing in mutual fund through SIP there is no such lock in period (ELSS three years). You can withdraw your money whenever you want. But it is advisable if you want good return you should at least invest your money for five years.


Investing through in SIP you can invest regularly so your money will be compounded every month. So if you start an SIP of 1,000 every month and if you still invest for 20 years and if you get a return of 15% your money can grow approximately 15lakhs, which is huge.

Which is better Party Registry SIP or EMI?

There is a question why anyone should go for SIP both place they have to pay money and in SIP you also have to wait to get your money but if you are taking a loan you can get your money instantly and you can pay your EMI monthly.

Customize your SIP

Not everyone is aware about it but you can customize your SIP. The most popular type of SIP is investing a fixed amount every month. Basically most of the fund houses allow it investors to invest in monthly, bi-monthly and fortnightly according their convenience.

In the perpetual SIP investors does not choose the end date of that investment plan, once they met the goal they can stop that SIP by sending a letter to that particular fund house.

Step up SIPs allows their investors to increase their invest amount periodically. “Alert SIP” is also a form of regular systematic investment plan which send their customers an alert to buy more units when the markets are down.

How Party Registry helps you?

So, from the above discussion, now you can figure out as why you should invest in Mutual Fund SIP.Now let’s focus on how to plan and invest. Don’t worry FreEMI is here to help you in this case. Our Party Registry is a one of a kind automated platform which executes your party expenses and evaluates a probable SIP which will give you a handsome return against your invested money. Log into FreEMI Registry and we will help you to plan your investment. Party Registry SIP plan will secure your social life by taking care your Party expenses.