Marriage Expenditures

Marriages are made in Heaven. It is a special day in one’s life. Colorful events, gatherings of your near and dear ones, fun, party- all are intricately associated with marriage. But the most important thing that we ignore is the expenses of the marriage or wedding. It costs a fortune.

FreEMI plans your marriage expenses by suggesting you to invest in the best Mutual Fund.

What is Marriage Expenses Registry?

To carry out huge expenses of marriage, most people take the most easily available path i.e, either take a personal loan or go for a credit card. Though a loan or credit card gives financial support at the time of your need, but gives you an extra burden when you start repaying. For a credit card bill, you need to pay an interest rate of 3-5% monthly and an interest rate of 14-15% annually for a loan repayment. So, instead of enjoying your loved ones or your child’s marriage, you will only worry for your financial burden.

So, to make the wedding day of your child more special and stress-free, plan today with our Marriage Registry. Making it simpler, Marriage Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool, which will provide guidance for expense related to marriage. To fulfill all your desires related to your child’s marriage, you need to plan your finances today.

Plan your child’s marriage today

Most parents try their level best to make the marriage of their off-spring, the most-special and memorable day of their life. For that, you plan your finances today with our Marriage Registry and invest in suitable mutual fund schemes via SIP to achieve your financial objective.
  • Gone were the days, when wedding was only a close-knit occasion in one’s life which involved the family members of both the sides and carried out in a decent cost-effective manner.
  • But now-a-days, marriage is a social occasion displaying one’s social status and wealth.
  • To carry out your child’s marriage in a grand way and make happy memories, you need to have a full-proof financial plan.
  • The best way to carry out this financial objective is through our Marriage Registry.
  • With our Marriage Registry, you can invest in a suitable mutual fund schemes with the SIP option, where can invest a minimum of Rs. 500 at regular interval for a longer duration of time.
  • If you invest early, you will be capable of earning a handsome amount of return from your investment and use it to make the wedding day of your child more special and extravagant.
Here, are some important points that you should consider which will help you to plan better for your child’s marriage.

Plan Early

If you start planning early and invest today, then you will be able to invest for a longer period of time which will yield you higher return. Also, investing early will put less pressure on your pocket and you will be able to invest a smaller sum of money for a large period of time. One of the most important benefits of starting investment early is, you will be able to take high risk which in turn will help you to earn a higher return to fulfill your dream.

Estimate the expense for marriage

Focusing on the planning related to your child’s marriage, you should estimate the marriage expenses taking into consideration the amount that you would have spent today and also the inflation rate. After that, you need to set a budget and accordingly set your financial strategies. The monthly amount that you are planning to save, invest in mutual fund through SIP, to get the maximum return.

Focus on Investment

Though saving is very common practice that we follow and are told to follow. But saving is not enough for you to fulfill your financial objective. The money that you will save will be depreciated because the present value of money gets affected by the inflation rate. Meanwhile, if you invest in mutual fund through SIP, then you will get a handsome return on your invested amount. The minimum amount that you can invest is as low as Rs. 500. With regular monthly investment, you don’t have to bear a lump-sum cost at the time of your child’s marriage.

Why Marriage Registry is the best option for your child’s marriage?

To plan for your child’s marriage, the best possible option for you is our Marriage Registry. Now what is Marriage Registry? Marriage Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool to fulfill your long-term investment plan i.e., marriage plan of your child. Here, you will be guided as to how much you should start investing in suitable mutual fund schemes to carry out your child’s marriage avoiding the situation of running out of money or any monetary burden of EMI or credit card bills.

Following are some of the essential features of Marriage Registry to achieve your long-term investment plan-

Financial Discipline

If you start investing in suitable mutual fund schemes via SIP, you develop a habit of investing regularly without worrying of the market conditions. Generally, there is a tendency to invest in mutual funds through SIP when the market is bullish and tend to stop investing, when the market is bearish. But to gain higher returns, you need to invest regularly without focusing on the market conditions.

Investment Habit

With SIP investment, you develop the habit of financial planning. You become much more disciplined in terms of regular investment. Also, with the facility of auto debit payment system, there is no pressure on you of payment failure.

Compounding Power

With the power of compounding, you tend to generate returns on your returns on investing a specific amount of money for a longer time period.

The Rupee-Cost Averaging

Under the rupee-cost averaging, you will buy more units of mutual funds when the prices are low and less units when the prices are high. As a result, the average cost of your investment lowers down.

Minimum Investment

Without putting pressure on your wallet, you can easily invest in SIP with a minimum amount of Rs. 500 at regular interval. Instead of spending a huge amount at one-go, you can invest small amount regularly for a larger time period.

How Marriage Registry assists you?

From the above discussion, you can easily figure out as to why you should plan early for your child’s marriage. Now, let’s focus on how to plan and invest. Don’t worry. FreEMI is there to help you out. Our Marriage Registry is a one of a kind automated platform which executes your child’s marriage expenses and evaluates a probable SIP which will give a handsome return against your invested money. Log in to FreEMI Registry and we will help you to plan your investment. Marriage Registry guides you to make the wedding of your child, a memorable occasion in their life.