Retirement Registry

After working hard, day and night in your active working years, you obviously want to relax and slow down after your retirement. You would want to enjoy the new life post-retirement. But after retirement, you obviously don't have an active source of income to rely on. Our Retirement Registry will help you to manage your post-retirement expenses.

What is Retirement Registry?

Retirement is basically taking off from your active working life. After retirement, you want to enjoy and explore the new phase of your life.

But post retirement, you dont have an active source of income to depend on. So, how you will be able to manage your expenses and maintain the same living standard.

Here is your one stop solution. Retirement Registry- A SIP based investment and expense management tool, which will guide you to manage your retirement based investment.

Why should you plan for your retirement?

During your working years, you work day and night and compromise your comfort and luxury. So, post retirement, you slow down. You just want to relax and enjoy the new phase of your life. In this phase of your life, you choose to spend more and more time with your family members.
  • But to enjoy a relaxed post retirement years, you need to plan your finances from your active working years.
  • But most of the times, we keep on delaying and the day of retirement arrives. At that moment, you realize, you are left with very little savings.
  • You cant take a personal loan or credit card as you will not be able to repay your loan or credit card bills. So, you will have to be dependent on your next generation.
  • But this scenario can be far more better, if you plan your investment from today to secure your retirement years.
Our Retirement Registry guides you with your retirement plans and suggest you as how much you should invest today. You only have to invest a small amount of money from your active income to secure your retirement years.
Here, are some of the pin points to consider as why you should plan your retirement today.
  • You will grow old

    Its natural that, you will not always remain young and active. As time will pass,you will grow old. Your ability to work will slow down. If you dont want to divert from your spending pattern and want to continue with your living standard post retirement, then plan your retirement with our Retirement Registry.
  • Standing for your family

    As we all know, family is the strongest pillar in our life. During your active working years you get so busy in your professional life, you hardly get time to be there for your family. Post retirement, you have plenty of time to dedicate to your family. But if you have a sound financial back up, then you can be there for your family in all respect.
    If you plan for your post retirement years with our Retirement Registry,then you can easily manage the expenses for your family without thinking twice.
  • Time for you to checkout your Bucket List

    During your working years, you get pre-occupied with so many responsibilities that you hardly have time to accomplish your dream. But when you retire, you have a plenty of time to explore new things, places and experience a new phase in your life.
    If you have planned your retirement prior to it, then you can live the moment to the fullest. You can fulfil all your fantasies and dreams that you dreamt your entire life. The places which you wish to visit or things which you dream to explore are possible if you plan your retirement early.
  • Your everyday expense

    Managing your day to day expenses becomes quite challenging in your post retirement years. When you are working, you can easily spend for your daily expenses. Even you can overcome a medical emergencies. But during your retirement years, it becomes quite difficult to manage those expenses.
    With the help of your retirement based investment in mutual funds,you can easily manage your day to day expenses. Even you can easily afford your medical costs which becomes very essential in your retirement years. So, plan your retirement today!
  • Consistent Investment

    Planing today to save for your retirement is a long-term game. This involves discipline as well as long-run consistent investment.Investment for retirement involves a high return as well as lower market risks. This long-run investment plan in mutual fund helps in inculcating a strict saving habit which is necessary for the millenials.
  • Financial Challenges

    In case of any financial challenges that you come across, you can get over it quite easily in your working years. But if you are retired, then you may face a lot of trouble in facing that financial challenges. With the help of a retirement plan, you dont have to think twice before spending a handsome amount of money.
    No one can guarantee your future. So, if you go for a well planned retirement years,then you will be ready for any financial challenges.

How Retirement Registry assist you in your retirement plan?

Now its time to plan your retirement. With FreEMI, you dont have to take the pain to plan your retirement. Our Retirement Registry is a one of a kind automated platform which execute your retirement plan with best investment plans and make your retirement happy. Log in to FreEMI Registry and we will help you to plan your investment. Retirement Registry would act as a secure plan for your enjoyable retirement.