Wedding Gift Registry

The wedding season is here. It's time to celebrate the wedding of your near and dear ones. But in the ambience of celebration, you cannot ignore the expenses related to the purchase of wedding gifts.

FreEMI helps you to manage your Wedding Gift Expenses with the help of easy SIP for best Mutual Fund investments.

What is Wedding Gift Registry?

Whether you go for an expensive wedding gifts or for a more special and simple gifts, you bear a cost for it. A situation may arise where, you want to purchase an exclusive wedding gift for your loved one but can’t afford at the time of his/her wedding. It will be heartbreaking for you.

So, to carry out the expense of a wedding gift, many of you opt for credit card as a means of immediate financial relief. After providing financial assistance initially, the actual financial liability begins. Because you need to pay 3-5% monthly interest rate on your credit card bills.

If you start planning today with our Wedding Gift Registry, then the above situation will never arise. Our Wedding gift Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool to provide guidance on your goal based investment. As a result, you will be able to buy wedding gifts for your near and dear ones as per your wish, there will be no barrier on your purchase.

Plan your Wedding Gift Expenses Today

Every year we attend several wedding functions within our family as well as within social circuit. Alongwith having a great time there, you also have a cost to carry out which you can’t avoid knowingly or unknowingly. So, a better way to plan your expense of buying wedding gift is through our Wedding Gift Registry where you can invest in suitable mutual fund schemes with SIP. SIP is Systematic Investment Plan. With SIP investment in mutual fund, you will invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals for a specific time horizon. When you redeem it, you will earn a handsome amount of return.

A minimum of Rs. 500 can be invested in SIP. But it is always advisable to start your SIP with Rs. 1000 so as to earn higher return.

Why Wedding Gift Registry is important for Wedding Gift Expenses?

When you desire to gift something very special to your near one, then plan your finances with Wedding Gift Registry and invest in suitable mutual fund schemes with SIP.

Here are some of the key features of Wedding Gift Registry-

Disciplined Investment

Wedding Gift Registry inbuilts a habit of diciplined investment in you. With the practice of investing a fixed amount for a specified time period , you develop the habit of saving regularly.This disciplined investment habit helps you to earn higher return and generate wealth. When you are not regular to investment then, you become sceptical about market conditions and its volatility. But with the practice of regular investment, you will not worry about market volatility.


The most convenient way to plan your investment is through Wedding Gift Registry. The amount that you decide to invest in mutual fund through SIP gets automatically debited from your account after regular intervals. So, you dont have to go to bank and wait in long queues to invest.


You enjoy the benefit of flexibility to invest. You get to choose the invested amount, the time period and the time interval of your investment as per your preference. Also, you can stop, increase or decrease the SIP investment in mutual fund. To earn better return for your financial goal, you should invest in SIP for a longer time period.

Averaging of Rupee-Cost

The rupee-cost averaging is an investment strategy which eradicates the probability to exit the market. When you plan your expenses with Wedding Gift Registry and invest in suitable mutual fund via SIP, it provides you the benefit of rupee-cost averaging, Under this, you buy lesser mutual fund you dont get paranoid with the market conditions. Infact, your average cost of investment lower down because of the rupee-cost averaging.

Advantage of Compounding

When you start investing early and continue to invest regularly, you tend to build wealth.If you invest a small amount regularly, you will be able to save a large sum of money over a period of time. Also, you generate return on your return on the invested amount for a specific time period.

So, from the above analysis on our Wedding Gift Registry, its pretty much evident that, if you plan your expenses and invest in mutual funds, then the return that you will earn will help you to fulfil your desire to purchase wedding gift for your near ones according to your reference.