Personal Loan Registry

To meet any current financial need, personal loan is the most handy instrument with high interest rates. Also you need to pay EMI which is an extra burden every month.

With FreEMI, we help you to payoff your loan interest by suggesting the right mutual fund.

What is Personal Loan Registry?

Investment is the best option to fulfill your future needs. You don’t have to take a personal loan to buy your favorite gadget, dream car, your Goa plan or your daughter’s destination wedding those days are gone. Now you just can invest with FreEMI Registry to make your dream true.

Personal Loan Registry is a SIP based investment and expense management tool. This is a goal based investment tool which will help you to invest in suitable investment schemes.

So, Let’s get this straight if you buy a product by taking a personal loan you have to pay your EMI every month which will cost you extra because for the interest rate because we all know the interest rate of a personal loan starts from 14% which is very high and it will heavy for your pocket but if you start your SIP today with FreEMI Registry you can save money and you don’t have pay any interest rate , you will get interest rate on your money which will be lot more easier and also will be pocket friendly.

“Personal Loan”- good?

We all know that personal loans and auto loans are not considered good loans. The reason is because they really don’t create any asset which can be appreciated in value. Even the asset’s value which is financed by these products depreciates.

If you are planning to buy a house in next six or seven years you have to start investing from today in a diversified equity fund. It will give you good returns. You don’t have to take any loan burden or you don’t have to take any stress for your dream house. Start investing today.

What to choose Registry Systemic Investment Plan or Equated Monthly Installments?

If you take a personal loan of 5,00,000 and your interest rate is 15.00% per year and the tenure is 5 years you have to pay a monthly EMI of Rs. 11,895. But if you start a SIP of Rs. 11,895 per month for five years and if you get expected average annual return of 15% you can get up to 10.7lakhs, which is amazing you are getting approximately double amount of your loan which will be very easy for you. So why take the pain of personal loan when it just can be easier with SIP.

What is better EMI or Registry SIP?

In case if you are paying EMI for creation of your asset then it is good because it will be appreciated although you pay interest on EMI. Take an example, if you pay an EMI for your home loan it is good but if you are paying EMI for your car loan or credit card or personal loan it is bad.

In the same time when you are investing in mutual fund by SIP you are creating an asset, which will help you to fulfill whatever your future goal is.

Which is pocket friendly?

You can start a SIP with Rs. 500 (which is lowest amount) monthly but if you take a personal loan your monthly installment will be at least more than 1,000. Now you decide which is better.

So many extra fees

Most of people don’t think so much before availing a personal loan they are just happy they got money when they need it. But the main problem they pay more in EMI but if they started to plan earlier they can start a SIP and things will be lot easier. In EMI bank and NBFCs charges for late payment, pre payment fees, processing fees etc. so we just spend more and more to achieve our goal.

But, in mutual fund there are no extra fees you just have to pay your SIP on time. There are no pre closure charges or processing fees. With Mutual Fund SIP it is lot more easy.


Sometimes we make quick plans and at the end of the day we spend for things we haven’t planned for. Planning in advance specially case of holidays it does not work for our hectic schedules. And whenever this unplanned holidays or purchasing happened we end up relaying on our credit card or we take a personal loan.

So, start planning from today you doesn’t know what is waiting for you. If you are going for a holiday vacation and you took a loan for it, it will be a headache for you that you have to repay your loan. But if you don’t take any loan and just start a SIP from today your sudden holiday vacation or gifting your wife a GUCCI Purse on your anniversary won’t be a problem.

How Personal Loan Registry helps you?

So, from the above discussion, now you can figure out as why you should invest in Mutual Fund SIP. Now let’s focus on how to plan and invest. Don’t worry FreEMI is here to help you in this case. Our Personal Loan Registry is a one of a kind automated platform which executes your personal expenses and evaluates a probable SIP which will give you a handsome return against your invested money. Log into FreEMI Registry and we will help you to plan your investment. Personal Loan Registry plan will secure your life by taking care your personal expenses.