How to avail Personal Loan on AADHAAR Card?

Personal Loan

The Indian Government had launched ‘AADHAAR Card’ which acts as a single identification proof. AADHAAR Card proves your citizenship and eases up the personal loan application process. Using the AADHAAR card, you can easily avail new PAN card, SIM card, file ITR and carry out other financial services. You can easily go for Aadhaar card loan online apply for fast loan approval. You can use AADHAAR card on personal loan apply for easy documentation & verification. With the AADHAAR card loan application, your KYC verification becomes much more easy and simple. You can submit Aadhaar card copy for availing loan of Rs. 50,000 or more.

Impact of AADHAAR Card on Personal Loan

When you are availing Personal Loan, the lending institutions and the online loan providers ask for KYC documentation. Using the AADHAAR card for a personal loan application reduces the documentation. Nowadays, the e-KYC process has been digitized. So, by using the AADHAAR card on Personal Loan application simplifies the verification process and helps in quick loan approval. AADHAAR card loan application process verifies your personal details from the Aadhaar database. As a result, AADHAAAR card loan apply helps in availing the personal loan quickly and use it for your financial purpose. For AADHAAR card loan online apply, the need for lengthy paperwork gets reduced.

How to apply for Personal Loan Online using AADHAAR Card?

You can submit the AADHAAR card as KYC proof for personal loan online application. Though AADHAAR card is not mandatory, submitting AADHAAAR card loan application accelerate the verification process. You can apply online for Personal Loan from the lending institution by using Aadhaar card as the verification proof. Using AADHAAR card loan application, your citizenship and identification get verified very quickly.

Documents Required for AADHAAR Card Loan

You need to submit very minimum documents when going for Personal Loan apply along with AADHAAR card submission. Following are the documents required for both the salaried and self-employed individuals-

  • ID Proof- AADHAAR card/PAN card/Driving License/Passport
  • Residential Proof- Rental Agreement/Voter ID card/Utility Bills- Gas or Electricity Bill
  • Updated Bank a/c of the statement
  • Form 16/ITR copy/latest salary slip
  • Business Continuation Proof
  • Profit & Loss statement/Audited Balance sheet for the last 2 years
  • PAN Card of a firm, individual or company
  • Sole Proprietorship Declaration/Partnership Deed certified copy

Benefits of AADHAAR Card to avail Personal Loan

  • AADHAAR card is the ultimate document to prove your birth, citizenship, address, and identity when availing a personal loan.
  • Using Aadhaar card for loan application saves you from lengthy and complex paperwork. Instead, AADHAAR card loan online apply eases your application process.
  • The personal details from AADHAAR card database accelerate the loan verification process. So, the total time to avail personal loan using Aadhaar card gets shortened.
  • You can easily avail a personal loan amount of Rs. 50,000 or more by quick KYC verification using the AADHAAR card.

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