How to check Mutual Fund KYC Status?

Mutual Fund

Individuals invest in a mutual fund to build wealth. The primary condition to invest in a mutual fund is you must have completed your KYC process. SEBI and AMFI in 2012 has mandated the KYC process. KYC or Know Your Status is a process of customer identification by validating their address, identity, and signature. If you have already completed the KYC process, then you need not to have to do it again. But if you have not done yet, you should submit mutual fund KYC form and wait for mutual fund KYC verification.

Mutual Fund KYC check with PAN card

After you have submitted your KYC form, it gets verified. Once you have completed the process of verification, you can now be eligible to check mutual fund KYC status. 

After the mutual fund update online, you can check mutual fund KYC status online through your PAN card.

At first, you need to visit online portal to check mutual fund KYC status Then you need to enter the PAN card number and the captcha. But you can also check mutual fund KYC status without PAN card. You need to input your name, Birth Date and click on SIP of mutual fund option to check mutual fund KYC status online. 

Documents required for mutual fund KYC process

Under SEBI’s guideline, you need to submit some important documents for mutual fund KYC update and later to check mutual fund KYC status.

  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID card
  • AADHAR card
  • Passport
  • Utility bills like- Electricity or Mobile bill
  • Rental Agreement
  • The canceled cheque of your registered bank account.

Mutual Fund KYC Process

You can opt for both offline and online method for mutual fund  KYC process. But mutual fund KYC online is very easy and time-saving. In order to complete your mutual fund KYC online and check mutual fund KYC status, you need to submit an online form. Then you need to validate your PAN card and the image. Also, you need to input your mobile number to check your mutual fund KYC status and mutual fund KYC verification.

If you have mutual fund KYC updated online, you can invest Rs. 50,000 annually in a single mutual fund. 

Check mutual fund KYC status online

After mutual fund KYC verification, your mutual KYC gets updated in a central database as per SEBI’s guidelines. Now to check status of mutual fund KYC status, you need to enter your PAN card details. 

  • To check mutual fund status, you need to visit the online portal.
  • Then you need to input your PAN card number for mutual fund KYC status.
  • After that, you will get to know your mutual fund KYC status online.

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