Is SIP a safe investment plan?

Mutual Fund

SIP plan is a systematic investment plan. SIP plan for investment is a regular and organized way of investing in a mutual fund. SIP investment plan is a method of investing in a mutual fund on a monthly or quarterly basis. Using SIP plan for investment, you need not have to worry about investing a large sum of money at one go. With SIP plan for investment, you can invest a minimum of Rs. 500 which is quite pocket-friendly. You can easily build long term wealth and can go for a standing instruction to the bank to auto-debit the SIP amount on a particular date every month.

How investing regularly with SIP plan help?

SIP investment plan helps you to inculcate in a disciplined investment practice irrespective of how the market condition is. There is a common psychology that when the market is in a downturn, you should stop investing in SIP plan. But that is not the right way. If you continue investing in SIP plan during the different market cycle, you will be able to build wealth for the long term. Market fluctuation and volatility should not affect your SIP plan for investment in mutual funds. Also, with SIP plan investment during the market downturn, you get to accumulate more units at a lower price. So, you can make a huge corpus out of the accumulated units. With SIP investment plan, you feel no pressure in your wallet. You need to remember that, SIP plan is best for the long term and you must be aware of the market fluctuations.

Benefits of SIP Investment Plan

  • With SIP plan, you develop a disciplined investment practice. You become more focussed towards your investment. Using SIP investment plan, you do not lose your track of investing for the long term. Also, SIP plan for investment instigates you to invest even during market fall. So, your investment process does not get hampered and you can easily build wealth in the future.
  • SIP investment plan offers the benefit of compounding effect. With SIP plan, you get to create wealth and the returns get compounded over the years. So, the return you will earn will be more than the expected returns.
  • Using SIP plan for investment, you get to enjoy rupee cost averaging benefit. As you continuously invest a certain amount on a regular basis, you can safeguard your SIP investment with the rupee-cost averaging facility. During market fall, the fund will purchase more units at a low price and during a market rise, the fund will buy fewer units at a high price.

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