Overview of Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund

Mutual Fund

Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund is an open ended debt fund under the category of dynamic bond. It was launched on June 30, 2012. The investment objective of Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund is to yield a stable return by investing in debt and money market instruments which maintains risk adjusted return by managing the asset allocation dynamically through interest rate cycles.

Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund is managed by Hetal P Shah and Alok Sahoo. Investors are offered with 2 different investment options which are- Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund growth option and Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund dividend option. You can invest a minimum of Rs. 1000 in Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund sip scheme.

Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund Facts

  • Baroda Pioneer Dynamic Bond Fund may opt for derivative position up to 50% of the fund’s net assets either to hedge the portfolio or to adopt other investment strategy permitted under the SEBI guidelines.
  • Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund portfolio allocate its investments in money market and debt securities across duration, InvITs and REITs.
  • You can opt for this mutual fund investment scheme online which is very easy and time saving.
  • Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund exit load is nil if you redeem the fund units after three months from the allotment date and the exit load is 0.50% if it is redeemed within three months.
  • Investors who aims to gain capital appreciation and regular income over a medium term investment horizon offering liquidity can opt for Baroda Pioneer Dynamic Bond Fund.

Top 3 Sectors of Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 Miscellaneous 70.06
2 Miscellaneous 24.88
3 Miscellaneous 5.06

(as on 18/04/2019)

Top 10 Holdings of Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 6.68% CGL 2031 17.17
2 6.79% CGL 2027 15.82
3 Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. 13.61
4 8.28% CGL 2027 10.79
5 7.59% CGL 2026 10.46
6 Edelweiss Commodities Services Ltd. 8.05
7 7.59% CGL 2029 7.02
8 9.35% SDL 2024 3.31
9 Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. 3.22
10 8.58% SDL 2023 3.02

(as on 18/04/2019)

Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund Details

Launch Date- June 30, 2012

Fund Manager- Ms. Hetal P Shah, Mr. Alok Sahoo

Risk- Moderate

Benchmark- CRISIL Composite Bond Fund Index

Return Since Launch- 8.36%

AUM- Rs. 24.28 crore (as on 31st Mar, 2019)

Following is the performance of Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund-

  1-Year 3-Year 5-Year 10-Year
Fund 5.04 6.93 8.95
VR Bond 6.62 6.54 7.74
Category 6.27 6.82 8.34
Rank within Category 24 11 4
Number of funds in category 26 24 23
As on Apr 18, 2019


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