Overview of HDFC Equity Savings Fund

Mutual Fund

HDFC Equity Savings Fund is an open ended equity savings hybrid fund. The inception date of this fund is September 17, 2004. The investment objective of this fund is to generate capital by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity instruments, money market and debt securities, arbitrage opportunities. 

HDFC Equity Savings Fund is managed by Mr. Vinay R. Kulkarni, Mr. Anil Bamboli and Mr. Krishan Kumar Daga. The risk of this fund is moderately high. You can invest a minimum amount of Rs. 500 in HDFC Equity Savings Fund sip plan. Investment in HDFC Equity Savings mutual fund scheme in India helps you to build wealth while having diversified exposure.

HDFC Equity Savings Fund Facts

  • HDFC Equity Savings Fund allocate 69.33% ofits portfolio in equity stocks,out of which 56.69% in large cap, 7.3% mid cap and 5.18% in small cap stocks. Also, it invests 19.6% in debt instruments out of which 13.71% in low risk securities and 1.19% in government securities.
  • Investment in HDFC Equity Savings Fund growth scheme will help you build a healthy corpus by investing in diversified portfolio.
  • This fund has seen the market ups and down for more than 10 years and has been successful in generating a good amount of return. 
  • Last 3 year and 5 year returns from HDFC Equity Savings Fund growth plan are 11.59% and 9.44% respectively.

Top 5 Sectors of HDFC Equity Savings Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 Miscellaneous 18.43
2 Bank – Private 10.23
3 Miscellaneous 8.05
4 Refineries 6.26
5 Finance – Housing 5.47

(as on date- 11/04/2019)

Top 10 Holdings of HDFC Equity Savings Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 Reliance Industries Ltd. 5.59
2 Housing Development Fin. Corp. Ltd.$ 4.41
3 ICICI Bank Ltd. 4.11
4 Infosys Limited 3.79
5 The Federal Bank Ltd. 3.77
6 NTPC Limited 3.59
7 HDFC Bank Ltd. 3.25
8 Net Current Assets 2.84
9 State Bank of India 2.55
10 Larsen and Toubro Ltd. 2.5

(as on date- 10/04/2019)

Details of HDFC Equity Savings Fund

Date of Inception- 17th September, 2004

Fund Manager- Mr. Vinay R Kulkarni, Mr. Krishan Kumar Daga, Mr. Anil Bamboli

Benchmark- Nifty 50

Riskometer- Moderately High

Return Since Launch- 9.33%

AUM- Rs. 5978.92 crore (as on 31st Mar, 2019)

HDFC Equity Savings Fund performance is shown in the below mentioned table-

  1-Year 3-Year 5-Year 10-Year
Fund 5.12 11.59 9.44 10.43
VR MIP TRI 8.42 9.66 9.30 8.82
Category 3.67 8.39
Rank within Category 5 1
Number of funds in category 15 12
As on Apr 11, 2019


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