SBI Debt Hybrid Fund Overview

Mutual Fund

SBI Debt Hybrid Scheme is an open-ended hybrid scheme which mostly invests in debt schemes. SBI Debt Hybrid Fund is launched on 9th April 2001. The AUM of this fund is Rs.1225.67cr. (as on 28th February 2019). SBI Debt Hybrid Fund is managed by Mr. Dinesh Ahuja (debt) and Mr. Ruchita Mehta (equity). SBI Debt Hybrid Fund has the benchmark of NIFTY 50 Hybrid Composite Debt 15:85 Index.

SBI Debt Hybrid Fund has a moderate risk as this fund mostly invests in debt and debt oriented instruments. The last three year and five years of returns are 7.28% and 9.18% for SBI Debt Hybrid Fund regular growth. The return since launch is 7.94%. The minimum investment for SBI Debt Hybrid Fund lump sum is Rs.5,000. The minimum SBI Debt Hybrid Fund SIP investment is Rs.500. The minimum withdrawal for this fund is Rs.1,000 the minimum balance is also Rs.1,000. The expense ratio is also low for SBI Debt Hybrid Fund which is 1.68%.

 SBI Mutual Funds’ SBI Debt Hybrid Fund has invested 25.04% in Indian stocks of which it has invested 16.49% in large-cap stocks, 1.48% in mid-cap stocks and 6.83% in small-cap stocks.

SBI Debt Hybrid Mutual Fund has invested 66.175 in debt which is diversified by 0.42% in government securities and 60.75% is invested in very low risk securities.

SBI Debt Hybrid Fund has made a balanced portfolio and offers its customers to invest in both equity and debt market. SBI Debt Hybrid Fund has primarily invested in debt and money market instruments and secondarily invested in equity and equity related instruments which made it more secure.

Top 10 holdings of SBI Debt Hybrid Fund (as on 29th March 2019)

S.No.Name of HoldingNet Assets (%)
1State Bank of India8.32
3Bharti Telecom Ltd.4.4
4Reliance Industries Ltd.4
5ICICI Bank Ltd.3.96
6Muthoot Finance Ltd.3.19
7Hindalco Industries Ltd.2.97
8Power Finance Corporation Ltd.2.85
9Tata Realty and Infrastructure Ltd.2.53
10Syndicate Bank2.46

Top 5 sectors of SBI Debt Hybrid Fund (as on 29th March 2019)

S.No.Name of HoldingNet Assets (%)
3Bank – Private5.53
4Engineering – Construction2.36
5Household and Personal Products1.88


VR MIP TRI9.759.559.369.12
Rank within Category31241516
Number of funds in category37373123

As on Mar 29, 2019

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