Types of Personal Loans we need to know

Personal Loan

Personal Loan is the easiest way to full feel your dreams. A beautiful destination wedding, a dream holiday, sends your child in a great school or college; decorate your house as you want. Everything is in your hand in a second. There are so many perks of personal loans like-

  • You don’t have to mortgage your property for this loan.
  • The documentation for a personal loan is so minimal.
  • The loan approves in 1-2 days.
  • The loan tenure for a personal loan is 12 months-60 months.
  • Last but not least the interest of personal loan is not so high.

Different Types of PERSONAL LOANS:

  • Holiday Loans
  • Wedding Loans
  • Medical Expense Loans
  • Fresh Funding
  • Business Loans
  • Home renovation Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Consumer Durable Loans
  • Festive Loans

Holiday Loan

Are you tired from working all year? Want to go somewhere to take a long breath and just to relax you! But don’t want to drain all your savings. Here is something for you vacation loan. With a Holiday loan you can keep your savings intact while enjoying on a vacation. While credit cards can do a same thing for you a holiday loan can make the funds readily available for your travel plans and also in a lowest interest rate. This is the easiest personal loan to get.

  • Loan Amount- 10,000 to 2-10 Lakhs
  • Loan Tenure – 2 to 3 years
  • Rate of Interests-11.95%-15%
  • Processing Fee- 2% of loan amount.

Wedding Loan

Most of the people want a beautiful big wedding. To make their big day in a wonderful one. But it takes a lot of money to complete it. So now day’s people are taking loans for their wedding to buy designer clothes, jewelers, catering, decorations, venue rent, gifts and many more expenses are to be paid in a wedding.

  • Loan Amount- 5Lakhs – 30Lakhs
  • Loan Tenure – 1 to 5 years
  • Rate of Interests-10%-34%
  • Processing Fee- 0.5%-2.5% of loan amount.

Medical Expense Loan

No one can give any guarantees about their health. Honestly speaking we all are living an unhealthy life. So often we got sick. We all know now days medical expenses are huge sometimes we even can’t afford. We have to take loans to pay our medical expense. It is like any other personal loan available in market. Interest rate is quite reasonable.

  • Loan Amount- 50,000 – 10Lakhs
  • Loan Tenure – 1 to 6 years
  • Rate of Interests-10%-30%
  • Processing Fee- 2.5% of loan amount.

Fresh Funding

People who are new to their job but need a personal loan they are under fresh funding. Not all banks gives this kind of loan because for personal loan borrower should have 2 years of job, last 3 months of salary slip etc. But this kind of loan doesn’t need any of these documents to approve. ICICI Bank gives this loan.  

  • Loan Amount- Up to 1,50,000
  • Loan Tenure – 1 to 3 years
  • Rate of Interests-10.99%-22%
  • Processing Fee- 2.25% of loan amount + GST

Business Loans

To make a business sky high people need a huge amount of money so people take business loan to make their business. For a business a flowing fund is really important. Funds for business are easily borrowed from any lending place in the form of business loan. This is an unsecured loan taken by self employed person or a business owner.

  • Loan Amount- 3Lakhs-1Crore
  • Loan Tenure – 1 to 6 years
  • Rate of Interests-17%-25%
  • Processing Fee- 2.25% of loan amount.

Home  Renovation Loan

Renovating your home is not a thing that you do every day. This loan can help you to renovate and repair your home. It has the lowest interest rate. Without harming your savings. People with great credit score can have this loan.  

  • Loan Amount- 80% of the LTV of the estimate.
  • Loan Tenure – 20 to30 years
  • Rate of Interests-10%-12%
  • Processing Fee- 0.05% of loan amount.

Car Loan

Getting a car is now day’s not just standard statement now it is a need. Also the cars are expensive if you want a car with great mileage. And some people also love luxury cars. Getting a car loan not that hard.

  •   Loan Amount- 25,000-2Crore
  • Loan Tenure – 1 to 7 years
  • Rate of Interests-8.60%-12%
  • Processing Fee- 2% of loan amount.

Consumer Durable Loan

Who does not want to be updated with new gadgets! Stop worrying about funds. Personal Loan can be an answer for those. Not touching your savings you can buy new gadgets with the help of this loan.

  •   Loan Amount- 8,000- 5lakhs
  • Loan Tenure – 5 years
  • Rate of Interests-10%-22%
  • Processing Fee- 2.25% of loan amount.

Festive Loan

There is different type of personal loan available in market.India is the country of colors and festive. People are celebrating every little thing and when big ceremonies like Diwali, Durga Puja, came. It becomes a heavy expense to people. They have to buy gifts, festive goods, clothes, jewelleries etc. So banks gives personal loans to full feel their dreams in a very low interest.

  • Loan Amount- 5,000- 50,000
  • Loan Tenure – 1 year
  • Rate of Interests-Vary from bank to bank.
  • Processing Fee- 2% of loan amount.

There are different types of personal loans are available in the market but we are giving a of all over  easy personal loan’s interest lists:






Processing Fee Range


State Bank Of India




1-5 years



Between 2% to 4% of outstanding principal.


1.01% of the loan amount






1-5 years



5% of outstanding principal + GST


0.99% to 2.25%






Yes Bank










1-5 years






14% per annum.

Within 12 to 24 months: 4%

Within 24 to 36months: 3%

Within 36 to 48 months: 2%

After 48 months: No charges.





2% of the principal minimum 999

India bulls Bank




1-5 years


11.99% onwards

5% if less than 6 months.


Up to 5%





1-5 years



4%of outstanding principal.


Up to 2.00%

Bajaj Finance




1-5 years







Kotak Mahindra Bank




1-5 years



5% of outstanding principal.


Up to 2.5%

Citi Bank




1-5 years



2%-4% as applicable.


Up to 0.50%

Indusind Bank




1-5 years



4% of outstanding principal

Minimum 1% maximum 2.50%

Standard Chartered Bank




1-5 years





999 almost.

TATA Capital




1-5 years



4% of the outstanding principal.



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