Why FreEMI?

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FreEMI is a fin-tech platform.

It is dedicated to serve those Indian households that are in dire need of banking facilities, but are unfortunately not able to benefit from the system.

We are working to bring affordable need-based instant credit system that will largely benefit the low income group and small businesses.

Why FreEMI.in?


FreEMI utilises the very best technologies that are found in the fin-tech industry.

Our product platform is based on a proprietary algorithm that is not only efficient, but smart as well; thus allowing you to get the most from your money.

We are committed to simplify your financial decision making through crisp digital execution and cutting-edge technology.


We are an innovative product platform. We are designed to simplify your understanding of the financial instruments in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible.

Our products help an individual get the required funds when they need it the most, that too in an affordable manner.

Further more, our one-of-a-kind mutual fund investment platform works by leveraging the power of compounding. We offer products that range from banking loans to insurance plans.


Our reach is extensive, thanks to our emphasis on digital technology and strong POS across the country.

Likewise, we are keen on collaborating with like-minded people and organizations and believe in the power of collaboration for attaining the next level of growth.

We have tied-up with many financial institutions to provide you with viable alternatives and an extensive choice for all your financial requirements.


The process is pretty simple. You tell us your requirement, and we will suggest the best alternatives with the use of intelligent evaluation process.

So, by using our proprietary algorithm, we are able to ensure smooth execution and suggestion of ideal alternatives that perfectly cater to your requirements.

For our FreEMI Secure service, the tagline is ‘Insurance for All’. This tagline aptly conveys the social angle that is intrinsic to our business model.

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