Why should you opt for Invesco India Contra Fund?

Mutual Fund

Invesco India Contra Fund is an open-ended value-oriented equity fund. The investment objective of this fund is to generate long term capital by investing in equity securities through contrarian investing.

Invesco India Contra Fund was launched on April 11, 2007. The risk factor of Invesco India Contra Fund is moderately high. Investing in Invesco India Contra Fund growth plan, your fund’s portfolio will be professionally managed by expert fund managers. You can invest a minimum of Rs. 500 in Invesco India Contra Fund sip plan without putting much pressure in your pocket.

Invesco India Contra Fund Facts

  • Invesco India Contra Fund portfolio includes 96.74% investment in equity stocks, out of which 63% in large-cap stocks, 22.67% in mid-cap and 11.07% in small-cap stocks.
  • Invesco India Contra Fund growth scheme focuses on investing in companies which are either in their turnaround phase or is undervalued.
  • Following the contrarian investment approach, Invesco India Contra Mutual Fund Investment Scheme aims to earn a high return with moderately high risk.
  • Investors who are ready to take the risk of equity exposure in order to build wealth are very much suitable for this fund. Also, the possibility of loss should also be taken into consideration.
  • Invesco India Contra Fund sip plan helps in the monthly investment of a certain amount which is very budget-friendly.

Top 10 Sectors of Invesco India Contra Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 Banks 26.51
2 Software 12.59
3 Finance 10.92
4 Petroleum Products 10.18
5 Pharmaceuticals 5.55
6 Consumer Non-Durables 4.37
7 Auto Ancillaries 4.14
8 Construction Project 3.64
9 Gas 3.52
10 Auto 2.68

(as on date- 28/02/2019)

Top 10 Holdings of Invesco India Contra Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 HDFC Bank Ltd. 8.28
2 ICICI Bank Ltd. 8.05
3 Reliance Industries Ltd. 6.91
4 Infosys Ltd. 4.87
5 Axis Bank Ltd. 4.62
6 Larsen & Turbo Ltd. 3.64
7 Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. 3.26
8 Equitas Holdings Ltd. 2.97
9 Indusind Bank Ltd. 2.83
10 Exide Industries Ltd. 2.82

(as on date- 28/02/2019)

Details of Invesco India Contra Fund

Date of Inception- 11th April, 2007
Fund Manager- Mr. Amit Ganatra, Mr. Taher Badshah
Benchmark- S&P BSE 500 
Riskometer- Moderately High
Return Since Launch- 13.97%
AUM- Rs. 3657.86 crore (as on 31st Mar, 2019)

Following table depicts the performance of Invesco India Contra Fund-

  1-Year 3-Year 5-Year 10-Year
Fund 3.82 17.72 19.01 19.90
S&P BSE 500 TRI 6.47 16.61 14.17 16.17
Category -1.49 14.23 15.78 18.35
Rank within Category 4 3 2 4
Number of funds in category 14 14 13 12
As on Apr 09, 2019

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