Why to choose SBI ETF Sensex Fund?

Mutual Fund

SBI ETF Sensex Fund is an open-ended exchange traded fund. The inception date of SBI ETF Sensex Fund is 9th February 2013. The benchmark of SBI ETF Sensex Fund is S&P BSE Sensex. The risk of this fund is moderately high as this fund invests in exchange-traded funds.

Why SBI ETF Sensex Fund?

The AUM size of SBI ETF Sensex Fund is Rs.14722.3cr (as on 28th February 2019). ETF funds have low managing cost so the expense ratio is low compared to other mutual fund schemes available in the market. SBI ETF Sensex Fund provides diversification so if one is not doing well other will do well. And the return won’t get any effect for it. SBI ETF Sensex Fund is easy to buy and sell. You also can gain tax benefit under section 80CCG. If you are someone who is investing for the first time this fund is a good choice for you. Investors who have knowledge of stock markets also can invest in SBI ETF Sensex Fund. The minimum investment for SBI ETF Sensex Fund is Rs.5,000. The expense ratio for this fund is Rs.007%. The exit load is zero for SBI ETF Sensex Fund. The benchmark of this fund is S&P BSE Sensex TRI. The last three years and five years return of SBI ETF Sensex Fund is  16.99% and 13.19%. This fund has performed well over the years. The return since launch is 14.50% for SBI ETF Sensex Fund.

Top 10 holdings of SBI ETF Sensex Fund

Holding NameAUM(%)
HDFC Bank Ltd.12.27
Reliance Industries Ltd.10.92
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.8.68
Infosys Ltd7.66
ITC Ltd.6.46
ICICI Bank Ltd.6.14
TCS Ltd.5.73
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.4.33
Kotak Mahindra Ltd.3.93
Axis Bank Ltd.3.44

Top 5 Sectors of SBI ETF Sensex Fund


SBI ETF Sensex Fund 

  • Fund Manager- Mr. Raviprakash Sharma
  • Expense Ratio- 2.22% (28th February 2019)
  • Launch Date- 9th February 2013
  • Benchmark- S&P BSE Sensex TRI
  • Risk- Moderately High
  • AUM Size- Rs.14722.3cr. (28TH  2019)
  • Return Since Launch- 14.50%


S&P BSE Sensex TRI18.9117.0913.16
Rank within Category7920
Number of funds in the category917662

As on Apr 02, 2019

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