Invest in MAHINDRA FINANCE FIXED DEPOSIT online and earn upto 8.35%* p.a.

key pointsOne of the stable and secured investment option

key pointsFixed Deposit rates range up to 9.5%* p.a

key pointsInvest in FD plans from 7 days to 10 years

key pointsMarket volatility does not affect FD returns


Which Fixed Deposit suits you the best?


Standard Fixed Deposits

This is one of the most familiar Fixed Deposit scheme that is prevailing in India. Standard FD is the simplest deposit investment plan. You have to deposit a fixed amount for a pre-decided time and earn a certain interest rate on it.


Special Fixed Deposits

This FD plan offers special benefits in comparison to other fixed investment schemes. You get to enjoy the Fixed Deposit higher rate of interest which will increase your return from the FD plan.


Flexi Fixed Deposits

Under this Fixed Deposit scheme, your savings account is linked with your term deposit. So, it becomes more convenient and flexible to receive Fixed Deposit returns.


Tax Saver Fixed Deposits

If you want to earn a stable return from Fixed Deposit scheme and save tax also, then you can go for Tax Saver Fixed Deposit Scheme. For that, you need to invest for a minimum of 3 to 5 years. This particular Fixed Deposit variant has a lock-in period and does not allow premature withdrawal unless the account holder is dead. Under Section 80C of IT Act, you can claim Fixed Deposit tax exemption on your FD return.


Cumulative Fixed Deposits

The Cumulative Fixed Deposit interest rate will be available to you after the maturity of the FD plan. You cannot deposit in this FD plan if you want a regular income. Fixed Deposit interest rate is compounded on yearly, quarterly, monthly or yearly basis. Y ou will get a higher return from this FD scheme.


Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposits

For Non-Cumulative FDs, you get to earn the FD rate of interest at regular intervals. It is a good investment option for the pensioners. You can easily select the interval for receiving the Fixed Deposit interest rate. But do remember, the return earned from Non-Cumulative FD is lower than Cumulative FD.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit or FD is one of the most stable and safe investment tool. In India, Fixed Deposits are a major part of an individual’s saving plan. The Fixed Deposit interest rate is higher than that of conventional regular savings. The investment in Fixed Deposit scheme is possible only once during the time of opening account. Also, the FD rate of interest will not vary during the deposit tenure and will be set at the time of investing. The Fixed Deposit rates in banks and other NBFCs depends on the institution’s policies, deposit tenure, investment amount, etc. You can go for Fixed Deposit online or offline method from 7 days to 10 years. Moreover, Fixed Deposit for Senior Citizens offers higher FD rate of interest. To help out a large no.of people to save their hard-earned money, there are various Fixed Deposit types. Fixed Deposit benefits you with TDS charged as per IT Act, 1961, from the Fixed Deposit interest rate. On top of that, there is no market fluctuation effect on Fixed Deposits return.

Why should you opt Fixed Deposit?

Fixed Deposits also termed as Term Deposits or Time Deposits. The interest rates for Fixed Deposits remain same throughout the deposit tenure. At the time of Fixed Deposit withdrawal, you need to submit Fixed Deposit receipt. In case, you need money urgently, instead of withdrawing the Fixed Deposits, you can go for Loan against Fixed Deposit. The loan against FD interest rate is only 1% or 2% higher than the regular Fixed Deposit rate of interest.
Here are some crucial reasons as to why should you opt for Fixed Deposits-

Documents Required for Fixed Deposits

To open Fixed Deposit account, the list of documents which you need to submit are-

ID Proof-

AN card, AADHAAR card, Driving License, Passport

Residential Proof-

Bank Statement with Cheque, Utility bills like- Electricity or Telephone bill, Passport, AADHAAR card.

Fixed Deposit Calculator

Fixed Deposit Calculator is an online, convenient and easy-to-use tool to calculate the amount you will earn at the time of maturity. As you know, the Fixed Deposit interest rate gets compounded over the time. Many times, people get confused with the complex calculation of the Fixed Deposit returns. So, instead of manual calculation, you can easily use the Fixed Deposit Calculator. Only you need to input the details like- deposit amount, interest rate and deposit tenure. The Fixed Deposit Calculator in no time will give you the exact FD amount that you will receive on maturity.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Calculator

Using Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Calculator, you can calculate the monthly interest that you will earn on the FD. Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Calculator provides an accurate and quick result within seconds. So, the possibility of human error gets nullified while using FD Interest Rate Calculator. You need to input some details like- Interest Rate, Deposit Amount and Deposit Tenure. After you entered the above details, Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Calculator provides the exact result in no time.