Why go for SBI Magnum Income Fund?

Mutual Fund

SBI Magnum Income Fund is an open-ended debt fund. SBI Magnum Income Fund invests in money market instruments and debt securities in such a manner that the Macaulay duration of SBI Magnum Income Fund portfolio ranges between 4 and 7 years. This fund is ideal for regular income generation for the investors. 

SBI Magnum Income Fund was launched on 25th November 1998. SBI Magnum Income Fund was benchmarkedagainstCRISIL Medium to Long Term Debt Index. The risk of SBI Magnum Income Fund is moderate. 

Why investors should choose SBI Magnum Income Fund?

  • SBI Magnum Income Mutual Fund invests in debt and money market securities depending on market dynamics, macro-economic factors and debt-issuer specific parameters.
  • SBI Magnum Income Fund dividend option helps you to earn monthly income.
  • SBI Magnum Income Fund offers risk adjusted returns via professional management of interest rate risk and credit risk of the portfolio.
  • SBI Magnum Income Fund invests 93.39% in debt instruments, out of which the fund invests in government securities of 16.54% and remaining funds are invested in very low risk instruments of 76.85%. 
  • SBI Magnum Income Fund investments are ideal for those who wants to invest for a longer time period without being exposed to equity funds.
  • SBI Magnum Income Fund regular plan growth option offers to earn a regular income.
  • SBI Magnum Income Fund helps to fulfill long term investment objectives. 

Top 5 Sectors of SBI Magnum Income Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 Miscellaneous 76.86
2 Miscellaneous 16.54
3 Miscellaneous 6.6

(as on 26/03/2019)

Top 10 Holdings of SBI Magnum Equity ESG Fund

S.No. Holding Name Net Assets (in %)
1 L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd. 10.36
2 State Bank of India 10.01
3 7.17% CGL 2028 9.55
4 Muthoot Finance Ltd. 9.22
5 7.26% CGL 2029 6.99
6 ICICI Bank Ltd. 6.87
7 Ahmedabad-Maliya Tollway Ltd. 6.76
8 Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd. 5.57
9 TREPS 5.52
10 REC Ltd. 5.41

(as on 26/03/2019)

Details of SBI Magnum Income Fund

Launch Date- November25, 1998
Fund Manager- Mr. Dinesh Ahuja
Risk- Moderate 
Benchmark- CRISIL Medium to Long Term Debt Index
Return Since Launch- 7.65%
AUM- Rs. 1273.63 crore (as on 28th Feb, 2019)

The following table depicts SBI Magnum Equity ESG Fund performance-

  1-Year 3-Year 5-Year 10-Year
Fund 5.57 7.88 8.43 7.82
VR Bond 6.93 6.80 7.73 6.90
Category 5.73 6.80 8.05 7.40
Rank within Category 11 1 4 2
Number of funds in category 14 14 14 14
As on Mar 27, 2019

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