Top 10 Best Fuel Credit Cards in India

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With the rapid increase of fuel price day by day, the traveling cost has also gone up. To lower your fuel cost, the best possible way is to use fuel credit cards. Using the best fuel credit cards in India, you can reduce your traveling cost through fuel surcharge waive and other facilities when you use it in the fuel stations. 

Many banks have designed fuel credit cards to help you with your fuel costs. The best credit card in India for fuel offers many reward points, cashbacks and other facilities to make your travel cost efficient and comfortable. 

Here we will present 10 best Fuel Credit Cards in India-

Name of Fuel Credit Card Joining Fees Ist year Fees Rewards
ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa Credit Card Rs. 199+GST Nil Get cashback up to Rs. 100 at HPCL pumps on fuel purchase
IndianOil Citi Platinum Card Nil Rs. 1000 Fuel purchase from outlets of IndianOil helps you earn Rs. 100 or 4 turbo points
BPCL SBI Credit Card Rs. 499 Nil Earn up to 13X reward points which is equal to 4.25% valueback Get waive of fuel surcharge up to 25%+1% from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL) petrol pumps.
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card Rs. 499 Waived (if spent more than Rs. 30,000 in the 1st year) Enjoy cashback up to 5%. Offer special discounts on shopping, dining and travelling.
HDFC Bharat CashBack Card Rs. 500 Nil Enjoy the waive of fuel surcharge. Get up to 5% cashback.  
Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Visa Card Nil Nil Get waive of fuel surcharge. Also, enjoy complimentary 600+ lounge access.
IndianOil Citi Titanium Credit Card Nil Nil On purchase of fuel of RS. 150 from the outlets of IndianOil, get 4 turbo points. Also, enjoy 2 turbo points on purchase of grocery     items.
ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card Rs. 199+GST Nil On fuel purchase from HPCL pumps, get Rs. 100 cashback or 2.5% cashback Waive of fuel surcharge of 1% at HPCL pumps. On purchase of Rs. 100 on fuel, earn 6 PAYBACK points. Enjoy fuel worth of Rs. 500 on 2000 Payback points.
IndusInd Iconia Amex Credit Card Rs. 17,999 Nil For a minimum transaction of Rs. 400, enjoy waive of fuel surcharge of 1%.
Axis Bank Pride Platinum Credit Card Nil Nil Enjoy fuel surcharge waive Also enjoy  reward points.

Benefits of Best Fuel Credit Cards in India

Following are some of the benefits of the best fuel credit cards in India-

  • Enjoy the waive on fuel purchase.
  • Also enjoy special discounts on shopping, dining and movie tickets.
  • Enjoy reward points which you can use to purchase fuel.
  • You also can earn turbo points.
  • You can also earn cashbacks while using fuel credit cards.
  • Special offers on groceries from supermarkets.
  • Get waive of annual fees.

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