How to check ICICI Credit Card Statement?

Credit Card

If you are an ICICI Credit Cardholder you must receive an ICICI Credit Card Statement every month to its Credit Card users. You can check ICICI Credit Card Statement Online and Offline both ways. You also can receive your ICICI Credit Card Statement by E-mail and ICICI Credit Card Statement by SMS. Your ICICI Credit Card Statement is a very important thing as there will be a detail of the available credit limit, reward points, etc. Also with the ICICI Credit Card Statement, they can plan their Credit card spending and budget plan accordingly. Here we will know how to check ICICI Credit Card Statement Online or Offline.

What will be in ICICI Credit Card Statement?         

In your ICICI Credit Card Statement there will be information including your all transactions also there will be other details such as.

  • ICICI Credit Card holder name, e-mail id, and residence.
  • You will get all the transaction details which include the amount, date, and transaction description.
  • Account summary which will show you the opening and closing balance.
  • Total amount due on the card and the minimum due on the card.
  • Due date
  • Available Credit limit, cash limit and total credit limit.
  • Reward points summary, your earned reward points and expired will be in the statement.

How to check ICICI Credit Card Statement?

ICICI Credit Cardholders can get e-statement by simply registering for it. ICICI Credit Card Statement Service can be managed both online and offline.  If you opt for ICICI Credit Card Statement online statement you will receive ICICI Credit Card Statement by email and in case if you have opted for offline you will receive ICICI Credit Card Statement in your home or office address.

To get the online facility customer has to avail ICICI Credit Card Statement login to their net banking. Also, the applicant visits the nearest branch office of ICICI Bank and can place his request directly.

  • You have to visit ICICI corporate net banking website.
  • You have to log in through web site.
  • Then click on “Accounts”
  • Next, you have to click on “Account Statement by e-mail”.
  • Once the process is successful you will get an e-mail to the registered e-mail address.

ICICI Credit Card Statement Benefits

Once if you have applied for ICICI Credit Card Statement, you will get so many benefits, some of them are:

  • The paperwork for ICICI Credit Card Statement is less and minimal. You don’t have to face any trouble by repeatedly visiting the brunch.
  • Get access to your online statement any time in any place.
  • Track and know about all reward programs and rewards also offers using by ICICI Credit Card Statement.
  • You don’t have to pay any extra charge or fee to get the ICICI Credit Card Statement or this service.

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