Six Health Insurance Myths and Real Facts

Health Insurance

We often take health insurance as a financial tax saving product. But, nowadays our lifestyle has changed so much and for that lifestyle-related diseases has taken over us. In this current situation, we must have health insurance to save our self from the heavy cost of medical treatment. Out there so many health insurance myths are floating around us. Some of us believe these myths which made us stop enjoying the benefits of health insurance. So here we will discuss those myths and real facts about health insurance.

  • Myth 1 – Low-cost health insurance plan is the best

Fact- Whenever anyone goes to buy a health insurance policy the first preference of his or her is that insurance policy must be cheaper. But they do not check that if that policy perfectly fits on his or her requirement. It is wrong to focus on finding the wrong policy. There are several chances that the less costly plans may not have all the features you want.

  • Myth 2 – Young people do not need Health Insurance

Fact- The main thing is everyone should need health insurance you do not know what kind of disease you can have. And nowadays in this rough lifestyle a heart attack, stroke, cancer or sugar does not need any “age-restriction”. When you are young the health insurance policies come with cheaper prices the price becomes higher with your age. 

  • Myth 3- Health Insurance is only for saving tax

Fact- If you are thinking you only need health insurance only to save your tax you are wrong. Health Insurance is for to save your medical expenses. So if you are rushing to buy a health insurance policy when the tax season comes you are missing the real point of it. Do not buy a health insurance policy just to save your tax use it as a protection of your health too.

  • Myth 4 – People who have group coverage do not need their personal coverage

Fact- So, some employers provide group health coverage for their employees so some of them do not take their own health insurance policy. But they do not think they only can have that facility when they are on that company if they switch there company the time between switching they will leave UNcovered. Therefore having your own health policy helps.

  • Myth 5 – Will get benefits from the first day of the policy

Fact- Several people believe that they will get health insurance policy’s benefit from the very first day of their policy but it is not true. You can’t get any coverage in the first month after purchasing the policy for any disease. But will get for accident-related hospitalization in the first month. There are also some diseases which only includes after the expiration of a particular period. You can get coverage for Pre-existing diseases after 24-48 months depending on your policy. 

  • Myth 6 – Insurance Companies do “not” cover daycare costs.

Fact- This fact is right that the core requirement for a medical insurance claim is minimum 24 hours hospitalization. But there are some medical procedures which do not need 24 hours hospitalization like dental care, dialysis etc. So for these insurance companies have launched several new programs which take cares the daycare expenses.

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