Top 10 Benefits of Health Insurance

Health Insurance

In present times, the medical cost is increasing leaps and bounds. Also, the susceptibility to falling ill has also been increased with the changing lifestyle. So, now health insurance is not an option but a mere necessity. Health Insurance benefits in securing you’re as well as your family’s health expenses in case of any medical emergencies. It acts as financial support when you fall ill. 

Health Insurance benefits you by providing coverage against the premium you pay. Various kinds of health insurance plans such as- individual health insurance, critical illness insurance, family floater insurance plan, health insurance with maternity benefit and much more are offered to satisfy different needs. 

Many of us think that health insurance benefits only hospitalization cost. But that’s not the complete picture. It covers the cost of the ambulance, regular check-up, critical illness and much more. Health Insurance benefits maternity expenses. Not only your medical cost gets covered, but health insurance also provides tax benefit in India. 

Health Insurance Benefits

Here are some of the important health insurance benefits that are listed below-

  • Financial Support- As we know that the medical expenses are quite high these days. If you fall sick and don’t have a health insurance plan, you need to pay a lump-sum for your treatment which can be very difficult to afford without any prior notice. But if you own a health insurance plan, then you don’t have to worry about your treatment. Health Insurance benefits you by providing financial support at the time of medical emergencies.
  • Medical Coverage – To satisfy a different kind of needs, many insurance companies have come up with varied types of insurance policies. Health insurance provides the benefit of covering the medical expenses for the whole family under a single insurance plan to give full coverage. Health Insurance benefits your whole family for the medical expenses in case of any unforeseen medical situations.
  • Maternity Coverage – Health Insurance with maternity benefit is one of the best plus points of a health insurance plan. Many health insurance companies provide medical coverage for maternity expenses. Health insurance benefit not only maternity expenses but also additional expenses such as- hospitalization costs, pre and postnatal cost and also vaccination cost of the new-born babies.
  • Expenses for Organ Transplant – The cost incurred for an organ transplant is quite expensive and not everybody can afford it. But if you avail the health insurance benefits, then you don’t have to think twice on undergoing an organ transplant. 
  • Free Check-up – Health Insurance benefits free health check-up after 4 to 5 claim free years. If you undergo any prescribed tests under the impaneled hospitals of your insurance company, then health insurance benefits cashless health check-up.
  • Cashless Hospitalization – Health insurance benefits cashless hospitalization by various insurance companies. Using this benefit, you need not to have to worry about immediate liquid cash for admitting in the hospital. This benefit is only helpful if you admit in the listed hospitals under your insurance companies.
  • No Claim Bonus – It is one of the most important factors of health insurance policies. Health insurance benefits higher amounts for no claim bonus. 
  • Recovery Benefit– It is also known as restoration benefit or convalescence benefit. Health Insurance benefits recovery expenses of the insured individual post-hospitalization. The insurance plan provides supplementary costs, expenses for prolonged hospitalization. This restoration benefit is one of the most important health insurance benefits in India.
  • Alternative Treatment– Nowadays availing alternative treatment is quite common and is usually included in the insurance plan. Health Insurance benefits homeopathy, Ayurveda etc. as an alternative treatment to the policyholder. But you need to remember that, your alternative treatment should take place either at an institute that is recognized by the National Accreditation Board on Health and Quality Council of India or in a govt hospital.
  • 80D Tax Benefit – Health Insurance 80D benefits in saving taxes on the insurance premium paid. Health Insurance tax benefit 2019 helps in availing tax benefit under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961. As the sum insured is not treated as income, so as a result, it is exempted from tax. So, health insurance benefits not only medical expenses but also tax deductions. 

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