HDFC Equity Fund - Growth


( NAV change from the previous, NAV as on 24/05/2024 )

Launch Date

1995-01-01 05:30:00.0


(as on date NA)


NIFTY 500 Total Returns Index

Fund Manager

Prashant Jain, Amar Kalkundrikar

Risk: Moderately High

HDFC Equity Fund Overview

multi-cap category. The investment objective of HDFC Equity Fund is to generate long term wealth by investing in large, mid and small cap stocks. HDFC Equity Fund portfolio offers diversification across industries with different market capitalization. If you invest in HDFC Equity Fund portfolio, you will be able to enjoy risk reward balance. HDFC Equity Fund performance depends on investing in companies which offers distinct competitive advantages, able to yield above average growth and have sound financial support. You can easily invest in HDFC Equity Fund growth plan and HDFC Equity Fund dividend plan. Depending on HDFC Equity Fund NAV, you get a clear idea of whether the fund's return has exceeded the benchmark index or not.

Eligibility for investing in HDFC Equity Fund

  • Indian Citizen
  • Financial and Banking institutions
  • If minor, then investment through a legal guardian or any parent
  • Mutual Funds or other Alternative Investment Funds with registrations under the SEBI
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Non-Resident Indians
  • The Karta of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) which is registered under the Securities and Exchange Board of India
  • Religious and charitable trusts.

Documents require for HDFC Equity Fund

KYC Documents-

  • Pan Card
  • Voter's ID
  • AADHAAR Card
  • Acknowledgment receipt
  • Passport Size Photograph

Advantages of HDFC Equity Fund

  • You get to enjoy huge diversification as HDFC Equity Fund portfolio focuses a major part in large-cap and the rest and mid and small-cap stocks.
  • With excellent risk-reward balance, you get a stable return with large & mid-cap exposure and high return with small-cap exposure while investing in HDFC Equity Fund portfolio.
  • To get the best possible HDFC Equity Fund performance, you have to invest for a minimum period of 3 years and more.
  • The fund invests in different market cap stocks which yield balanced return. With HDFC Equity Fund NAV details, you get the fund performance update.
  • Experienced fund manager decides on HDFC Equity Fund investment after intensive market research.
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