HDFC Gold Fund - Growth


( NAV change from the previous, NAV as on 06/12/2023 )

Launch Date

2011-11-01 05:30:00.0


(as on date NA)


Domestic Price of Physical Gold

Fund Manager

Krishan Kumar Daga

Risk: Moderately High

HDFC Gold Fund Overview

HDFC Gold Fund is an open-ended fund of fund scheme under the Gold ETF/FOF category. The investment objective of HDFC Gold Fund is to generate capital by in the units of HDFC Gold Exchange Traded Fund (HGETF). This fund is managed by Mr. Krishan Kumar Daga. HDFC Gold Fund investment buy or sell HGETF units through secondary market on the Stock Exchange or directly with the fund. You can invest in HDFC Gold Fund growth plan to earn a stable return. Based on HDFC Gold Fund NAV details, you get to know how much fund units you will get. For the best result, you need to invest for at least 3 years or more under HDFC Gold Fund sip scheme. If you are someone who has high risk-taking capacity, then you can opt for HDFC Gold Fund investment.

Eligibility for investing in HDFC Gold Fund

  • Citizens of India residing in the country.
  • Mutual Funds or other Alternative Investment Funds that are registered under the Securities and Exchange Board of India
  • Minor through legal guardians or parents.
  • Religious and charitable trusts.
  • Limited liability partnership.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) with registration under the Securities and Exchange Board of India
  • The Karta of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  • Banking and other financial institutions
  • Individuals residing abroad but are of Indian origin

Documents required for HDFC Gold Fund

KYC Documents-

  • Pan Card
  • Voter's ID Card
  • AADHAAR Card
  • acknowledgment receipt
  • Passport Size Photo

Advantages of HDFC Gold Fund

  • HDFC Gold Fund investment focuses on gold bullion of 0.995 fineness. You can invest in this fund for fulfilling long term goal.
  • In order to plan for your child's future or your retirement years, HDFC Gold Fund investment is one of the best option.
  • For long term capital, you can invest in HDFC Gold Fund growth plan.
  • HDFC Gold Fund NAV details show how the fund has performed.
  • Instead of investing a huge amount in one go, you can go for HDFC Gold Fund sip scheme without hurting your pocket.
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