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IDFC First Bank is India’s one of the most popular private sector bank. The headquarter of IDFC First Bank is in Mumbai. This bank started its operation on 1st October 2015. In July 2015 Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gave him a universal banking license. In 6th November 2015 IDFC Bank was listed on BSE and NSE. On December 2018, IDFC merged with Capital First Ltd., which is an NBFC. After that IDFC Bank renamed itself IDFC First Bank. Capital First shareholders to get 139 IDFC Bank shares for every 10 shares hold. They are also known for their good customer service. IDFC First Bank offers a vast product to their customers. Here is the list of products they offer to their customer.

IDFC First Bank Saving Account Scheme

IDFC First Bank savings account is one of the easiest ways of saving your money and you also can earn interest on this. IDFC First Bank also provides liquidity. They also provide a debit card to their savings account holder so they can access their money from the nearest ATM in India.

IDFC First Bank Fixed and Recurring Deposit

IDFC First Bank also helps you to grow their money you can invest in their fixed and recurring deposits so you also can earn high interest. You can go for either a traditional plan or the reinvestment plan where your interest will be compounded.

IDFC First Bank Home Loans

IDFC First Bank Home Loan offers an attractive interest rate to its customers who want to purchase a new home, or renovate their old home or if they need to go for home extensions, etc. The interest rate of IDFC First Bank is 9.60%*. The maximum tenure to repay IDFC First Bank Home Loan is thirty years. IDFC First Bank loan process is also fast and the documentation is also not so much.

IDFC First Bank Mutual Fund

They also, offer a vast of mutual fund products to their customers which are easy to track. You can plan your investment with these mutual fund products.

IDFC First Bank Educational Loan

IDFC First Bank offers Educational Loan at a competitive interest rate. IDFC First Bank gives educational loan to pursue their education in their dream institute in India or any foreign country.

IDFC First Bank Car or Two-Wheeler Loan

You also can avail IDFC First Bank Car or Two-wheeler loan at any time. You also can avail a commercial vehicle loan. You will get this loan at the lowest interest rate and you can avail this loan for any new car or old one. If you have the correct documents your car loan will be disbursed within 48 hours.

IDFC First Bank Gold Loan

IDFC First Bank offers gold loans to help its customers fulfill their possible need for cash like business expense, a wedding expense, education, medical expenses, etc. The documentation is minimal and disbursal is quick. For this loan you have to mortgage your gold jewelry they will keep it secure in a safe place.

IDFC First Bank Business Loan

IDFC First Bank always stands by to the small and medium business they give business loans to their customers. They don’t take any collateral for their business loan the interest rate is also low and the processing fee is also low. IDFC First Bank Business Loan get disburse in 48 hours if all the documents are correct.

IDFC First Bank Personal Loan

IDFC First Bank Personal Loan serving their customer to meet their financial expenses for a long time. IDFC First Bank offers the lowest interest rate, and the processing fee is also low, and you can avail IDFC First Bank Personal Loan up to Rs. 25 Lacs. IDFC First Bank only takes 24 to 48 hours to disburse the IDFC First Bank Personal Loan. The EMI amount is also low, the application process is hassle free, and the documentation is also minimal for IDFC First Bank Personal Loan.

*Interest rate and Loan approval are subjected to band discretion and approval.